New Date! Microsoft Dynamics AX Integrated Marketing & Sales Workshop

May 8-9 | Chicago, IL (Downers Grove office)

The two day Integrated Marketing & Sales (IMS) Workshop is an immersive experience in building a marketing and sales approach for reaching and engaging customers in the Microsoft Dynamics AX markets. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the buying psychology motivating today’s prospective buyers, and how—by offering high-value prospective customer experiences and aligned sales engagement—they can accelerate sales results.  To gain maximum impact, partners are asked to send resources from both their marketing and sales teams to the workshop – including individuals from both leadership and execution roles.  During the course of the workshop these teams will work both in tandem and in individual functional tracks to build out a library of strategic marketing and sales assets (tools) customized to your business which can be immediately leveraged by your teams when they return to the office.