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    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Launch Activities - Plus Marketing Assistance for Partner Driven Events


    While in Seattle last week, I had the opportunity to chat with Rich Miller, U.S. Microsoft Dynamics GP Senior Marketing Manager, regarding the various launch activities taking place for Microsoft Dynamics 2010. There is a partner roadshow starting in February, and partners can drive their own customer/prospect events plus receive some great giveaways! Rich sums up all of the buzz below...

    Dear Valued Partner,

    We are very excited about the upcoming Launch of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 in May, 2010.

    In an effort to make sure that you are fully prepared for the largest Microsoft Dynamics GP launch ever, I would like to suggest a few key action items. By addressing these immediately you will be putting your firm in the best possible position to take advantage of all that Microsoft is doing to help our partners grow with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

    Partner Readiness – Through March, 2010, we are focused on making sure you are informed of what is coming in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and that you are in a position to begin conversations with existing customer and prospects. As such, here are a few key events to view on-line and/or attend in person.

    • Watch the webcast recording from the Licensing Webcast on 1/20/10. While there are a lot of opportunities in the new licensing around Suites and the Dynamics Client for Office, there are also risks for partners and Microsoft. Risks driven by confusion in the proposal process between our partners and their customers around the new licensing. Partner Licensing Web Seminar

    • Register for the February and March, 2010 Sales and Presales Readiness Roadshow taking place in 18 cities around the US. They are a "can’t miss" event for all Dynamics GP partners. See details on PartnerSource. Click Here. Web-based training for those partners not able to attend a live event will be ready in March, 2010.

    Partner Marketing – Get out in front of the official launch in May. Get ready to do prospect events after the official launch. For both, Microsoft is there for you to help your drive successful events.

    • Conduct a pre-launch "sneak peek" event around GP 2010 for prospects and existing customers. Simply have an event for at least 15 people and we will give you a Zune HD to give away. Do an event for more than 30 people, and we will give you a Convergence 2010 pass to give away. See details on PartnerSource on the Sales and Marketing homepage for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. Sales and Marketing Home Page

    • Develop your own strategies for post general availability "Prospect Launch Events" (After May, 2010). For $299, you can get your prospect events posted on the GP 2010 launch portal. See details on PartnerSource on the Sales and Marketing homepage for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. Sales and Marketing Home Page

    • Review the content on the just released Dynamics GP 2010 PartnerSource homepage. You will find links to sales and marketing material, technical readiness and demos, and pricing and licensing updates. Click Here

    That looks like a lot of great stuff happening over the next few months. Make sure you and your customers/prospects are participating!


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    A Fresh Start for Microsoft Dynamics RMS Customers


    I don't typically include a large amount of information on Microsoft Dynamics RMS, but this looks like a great offer, so I decided to list it today.

    Microsoft is excited to announce "A Fresh Start For Microsoft Dynamics RMS Customers" - a Microsoft Dynamics (U.S. and Canada) promotion targeting existing customers of Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) Store Operations and / or Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters ( V1.X, V2.0) that wish to take advantage of the version upgrade access and enhancement plan benefits awarded through current enrollment of Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP), Business Ready Advantage Plan (BRAP) and Business Ready Advantage Plus Plan ( BRAP+). The promotion is comprised of one (1) full year of enhancement plan enrollment to help protect the investment with updates and upgrades which can help keep the solution up to date and running at its peak performance. These updates not only help ensure customers legal and regulatory compliance but also help keep the solution running securely and uninterrupted.

    Effective Monday, January 4, 2010, and available until end of business day Friday, June 25, 2010 , all existing registered Microsoft Dynamics RMS ( v1.x, v2.0) customers without a current service plan in effect may be eligible to take advantage of a special pricing promotion when purchasing BREP, BRAP or BRAP+.

    Visit PartnerSource for the complete offer details.


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    Newly Updated: Microsoft Dynamics Partner Playbook


    Looking for insight into planning and developing your Microsoft Dynamics partner practice? Steps to organizational setup, training, certification, marketing, selling, implementing, supporting your customers, and more are covered in the 2010 Editions of the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Playbooks for CRM and ERP partners.

    I've had a hand in the development of these guides since the original guide was published almost 4 years ago. They are a great resource whether your are just starting your Microsoft Dynamics partner practice, or are simply looking for a handy desktop reference guide.

     Take some time to visit PartnerSource, and download the latest Microsoft Dynamics Partner Playbooks today!


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    Newly Updated: Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Guide for Partners


    Great news for all of my fellow marketing folks in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. Looking for an easy to use guide to assist you with your marketing efforts? We have the answer.

    The Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Guide for Partners has been updated to reflect the tools and resources available to U.S. partners for 2010.

    This desktop resource book provides an overview of the many marketing resources available to partners as well as where to find them and ‘how to’ prescriptive guidance to help you get the most out of your marketing activities.

    Download it today!


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    Referral Marketing System for Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners


    This referral marketing resource includes a set of tools to help Microsoft Dynamics GP partners drive new customer adds with the help of satisfied customers and market influencers. The system includes a customer satisfaction survey template to facilitate referral requests on the heels of new installations, mail and email templates to solicit referrals, a referral generation reply card, a statement stuffer to reach deeper into customer organizations, referral generation web banners, even a referral request for your newsletter copy, and lines to include on business cards and in email signatures. A 12-page tutorial on how to weave referral marketing into existing customer marketing efforts is complemented by a 6-page tutorial on how to gain referrals using social media.

    PS -  I survived the zero visibility conditions in Fargo, and my plane to Minneapolis took off a couple hours late. Thankfully, Delta already had myself and other team members booked on a new flight to Seattle. Incredibly, that's the first time on a flight that the only thing I could see outside was whiteness due to the snow and 45 mph winds!


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    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - One-stop Launch Portal for Partners


    Before I give an update on the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 resources for partners, I wanted to mention I'm writing this blog from the comfort of my couch as outside in Fargo it's blizzard-like conditions with wind gusts around 40 mph. Over the weekend, the Fargo area has seen rain, drizzle, sleet, frizzle, snow, slush and ice. The temperature was actually above freezing on Saturday, and one guy was even seen snowblowing with shorts on. Yes, you read that correct -- shorts!!! Hopefully, I can still can make my flight to Seattle later today. On to the Microsoft Dynamics GP news...

    To help ensure that our partners have simple and timely access to the most relevant materials and tools to drive their Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 launch readiness and implementation, we have established a "One-stop" Partner Launch Portal on PartnerSource.

    On this page you'll find...

    • Technical readiness & demos
    • Sales & marketing tools
    • Pricing & licensing updates

    The page will be constantly updated as the launch date approaches.


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    Through-Partner Industry Marketing Campaigns


    Looking for tools to help you market to specific industries? Partners have been requesting these Microsoft branded resources to assist them with industry specific campaigns, and now there are several available!

    These through-partner Microsoft Dynamics Industry Marketing Campaigns are designed for partners to:

    • Leverage the power of the Microsoft Dynamics brand
    • Meet the unique needs of potential clients in a specific industry or vertical marketplace
    • Align your marketing efforts with global customer campaigns, and
    • Execute effective lead-generation results with relative ease

    The campaign components have been purposefully designed in an easy-to-use and modular fashion, allowing you to mix and match the components, and to put together a unique campaign that meets your company’s needs. Components may include a postcard, direct mail, telesales activity, executive event invitation, or an offer to download or receive a third party white paper. Also included are web components to help you deliver a cost-effective digital marketing campaign for your company.

    There are campaigns built for the following industries:

    • Microsoft Dynamics ERP focus
      • Automotive Suppliers Manufacturing Business Insights
      • Chemical Manufacturing Business Insights
      • Construction
      • Consumer Packaged Goods Distribution
      • Distributed Manufacturing Business Insights
      • Food & Beverage Distribution
      • Food & Beverage Manufacturing Business Insights
      • High Tech Manufacturing Business Insights
      • Industrial Distribution Business Insights
      • Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Business Insights
      • Professional Services Business Insights
      • Specialty Retail Business Insights
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM focus
      • Banking Customer Centricity
      • Chemical Manufacturing Customer Centricity
      • High Tech Manufacturing Customer Centricity
      • Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Customer Centricity
      • Insurance Customer Centricity
      • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Customer Centricity
      • Professional Services Customer Centricity

     Take some time to review these resources based on your industry specific markets today on PartnerSource.


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    Make the Switch to PartnerSource North America


    Our PartnerSource team has been extremely busy this fiscal year working localizing tons of content found within PartnerSource and CustomerSource. We have new dedicated country and regional pages for various spots around the world, I'm happy to say that the North America (US & Canada) market is now included in the mix as well!

    We heard you loud and clear! In usability studies and personal feedback, you’ve told us that the Global PartnerSource site didn’t quite suit your needs. It’s been a long time coming, but we finally launched the North American PartnerSource site, to serve our partners in Canada and the United States.

    There are several great new resources on the North American PartnerSource site, which will make it easier for you to customize your web experience, freeing you up to spend more time supporting your business, and less time looking for information:

    And you won’t miss out on any of the features you’re already familiar with – you will still have access to KnowledgeBase, Support, and unlimited E-Learning. In addition, you’ll have all the functionality that we have delivered on Global PartnerSource over the past year.

    Take some time to check out the new North American PartnerSource site today!


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    Take a Second Shot at Certification and Advance Your Career


    Of the many training and certification programs that Microsoft introduces, I'd have to say that Second Shot always seems to be one of the most popular. Who can argue with receiving a free retake if you, unfortunately, don't pass an exam?

    You must take both the first and (if necessary) the retake exam before June 30, 2010. This offer applies to all Microsoft Learning IT professional, developer, project management, and Microsoft Dynamics exams, including academic exams. Official announcement below...

    Microsoft Learning is bringing back Second Shot as part of its new Career Initiative, which is designed to help customers and students to get trained and certified on Microsoft technologies.

    Certification can help boost your career and Microsoft wants you to be successful when you take an exam. By adding Second Shot to the Career Initiative, you can now register for a free retake (should you need it), and take the exam with less anxiety and fear of not passing the exam. Second Shot is available for IT Pros, Developers and students, and you can use this special offer to pass exams that are directly related to the top IT jobs available in the industry today.

    Job roles, learning paths and clear guidance on getting skilled for these jobs can be found on the Microsoft Student Career Portal and for professionals, the Microsoft Professional Career Portal.

    Students, register here.

    Professionals, register here.


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    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Availability through Volume Licensing


    An additional option for prospects interested in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online was recently announced.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will be available through Enterprise Agreements and Campus Agreements to streamline and simplify the ordering of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The service is coterminous with the existing volume licensing agreement. The billing and contract terms are consistent with those of corresponding Volume Licensing agreements.

    Customers interested in placing an order for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online through Volume Licensing should contact Microsoft to find a Microsoft Authorized Enterprise Software Advisor (ESA) or a Microsoft Authorized Large Account Reseller (LAR) to help the customer with acquiring licenses under the Enterprise Agreement.

    Microsoft Dynamics partners make money with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online through software advisor fees, implementation services, and/or deployment of additional custom service or solution intellectual property (IP).

    Click here for a complete listing of FAQ's regarding the availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online through Volume Licensing.


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