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    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - One-stop Launch Portal for Partners


    Before I give an update on the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 resources for partners, I wanted to mention I'm writing this blog from the comfort of my couch as outside in Fargo it's blizzard-like conditions with wind gusts around 40 mph. Over the weekend, the Fargo area has seen rain, drizzle, sleet, frizzle, snow, slush and ice. The temperature was actually above freezing on Saturday, and one guy was even seen snowblowing with shorts on. Yes, you read that correct -- shorts!!! Hopefully, I can still can make my flight to Seattle later today. On to the Microsoft Dynamics GP news...

    To help ensure that our partners have simple and timely access to the most relevant materials and tools to drive their Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 launch readiness and implementation, we have established a "One-stop" Partner Launch Portal on PartnerSource.

    On this page you'll find...

    • Technical readiness & demos
    • Sales & marketing tools
    • Pricing & licensing updates

    The page will be constantly updated as the launch date approaches.


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    Through-Partner Industry Marketing Campaigns


    Looking for tools to help you market to specific industries? Partners have been requesting these Microsoft branded resources to assist them with industry specific campaigns, and now there are several available!

    These through-partner Microsoft Dynamics Industry Marketing Campaigns are designed for partners to:

    • Leverage the power of the Microsoft Dynamics brand
    • Meet the unique needs of potential clients in a specific industry or vertical marketplace
    • Align your marketing efforts with global customer campaigns, and
    • Execute effective lead-generation results with relative ease

    The campaign components have been purposefully designed in an easy-to-use and modular fashion, allowing you to mix and match the components, and to put together a unique campaign that meets your company’s needs. Components may include a postcard, direct mail, telesales activity, executive event invitation, or an offer to download or receive a third party white paper. Also included are web components to help you deliver a cost-effective digital marketing campaign for your company.

    There are campaigns built for the following industries:

    • Microsoft Dynamics ERP focus
      • Automotive Suppliers Manufacturing Business Insights
      • Chemical Manufacturing Business Insights
      • Construction
      • Consumer Packaged Goods Distribution
      • Distributed Manufacturing Business Insights
      • Food & Beverage Distribution
      • Food & Beverage Manufacturing Business Insights
      • High Tech Manufacturing Business Insights
      • Industrial Distribution Business Insights
      • Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Business Insights
      • Professional Services Business Insights
      • Specialty Retail Business Insights
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM focus
      • Banking Customer Centricity
      • Chemical Manufacturing Customer Centricity
      • High Tech Manufacturing Customer Centricity
      • Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Customer Centricity
      • Insurance Customer Centricity
      • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Customer Centricity
      • Professional Services Customer Centricity

     Take some time to review these resources based on your industry specific markets today on PartnerSource.


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    Make the Switch to PartnerSource North America


    Our PartnerSource team has been extremely busy this fiscal year working localizing tons of content found within PartnerSource and CustomerSource. We have new dedicated country and regional pages for various spots around the world, I'm happy to say that the North America (US & Canada) market is now included in the mix as well!

    We heard you loud and clear! In usability studies and personal feedback, you’ve told us that the Global PartnerSource site didn’t quite suit your needs. It’s been a long time coming, but we finally launched the North American PartnerSource site, to serve our partners in Canada and the United States.

    There are several great new resources on the North American PartnerSource site, which will make it easier for you to customize your web experience, freeing you up to spend more time supporting your business, and less time looking for information:

    And you won’t miss out on any of the features you’re already familiar with – you will still have access to KnowledgeBase, Support, and unlimited E-Learning. In addition, you’ll have all the functionality that we have delivered on Global PartnerSource over the past year.

    Take some time to check out the new North American PartnerSource site today!


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    Take a Second Shot at Certification and Advance Your Career


    Of the many training and certification programs that Microsoft introduces, I'd have to say that Second Shot always seems to be one of the most popular. Who can argue with receiving a free retake if you, unfortunately, don't pass an exam?

    You must take both the first and (if necessary) the retake exam before June 30, 2010. This offer applies to all Microsoft Learning IT professional, developer, project management, and Microsoft Dynamics exams, including academic exams. Official announcement below...

    Microsoft Learning is bringing back Second Shot as part of its new Career Initiative, which is designed to help customers and students to get trained and certified on Microsoft technologies.

    Certification can help boost your career and Microsoft wants you to be successful when you take an exam. By adding Second Shot to the Career Initiative, you can now register for a free retake (should you need it), and take the exam with less anxiety and fear of not passing the exam. Second Shot is available for IT Pros, Developers and students, and you can use this special offer to pass exams that are directly related to the top IT jobs available in the industry today.

    Job roles, learning paths and clear guidance on getting skilled for these jobs can be found on the Microsoft Student Career Portal and for professionals, the Microsoft Professional Career Portal.

    Students, register here.

    Professionals, register here.


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    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Availability through Volume Licensing


    An additional option for prospects interested in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online was recently announced.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will be available through Enterprise Agreements and Campus Agreements to streamline and simplify the ordering of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The service is coterminous with the existing volume licensing agreement. The billing and contract terms are consistent with those of corresponding Volume Licensing agreements.

    Customers interested in placing an order for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online through Volume Licensing should contact Microsoft to find a Microsoft Authorized Enterprise Software Advisor (ESA) or a Microsoft Authorized Large Account Reseller (LAR) to help the customer with acquiring licenses under the Enterprise Agreement.

    Microsoft Dynamics partners make money with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online through software advisor fees, implementation services, and/or deployment of additional custom service or solution intellectual property (IP).

    Click here for a complete listing of FAQ's regarding the availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online through Volume Licensing.


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    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Partner Training Opportunities


    Over 500 attendees joined us last week for the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Launch Overview partner web seminar. This event is now available on demand in case you missed it. Also, be sure to visit PartnerSource for all of your Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 partner training opportunities.

    Amp up your knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 with training offerings across the following role types:  Business Leader, Sales, Pre-Sales, and Implementer/Consultant.

    And there's more! The Microsoft Dynamics GP team has officially announced that Microsoft Dynamics 2010 (code named "11") has released to Beta.

    Partner and ISV Beta Information.


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    Partner Briefing Going Virtual for Convergence 2010


    In past years, I've managed both the Microsoft Dynamics GP and Business Leadership tracks at Convergence Partner Briefings. While these events and sessions were highly rated by partners, we always received feedback from partners that they'd like to spend more time with their customers. Therefore, it's exciting to see that we made some changes to the Partner Briefings this year by going virtual, which may also allow more employees at partner organizations the opportunity to participate. Official announcement below from PartnerSource...

    In an effort to better assist you in your preparations for hosting your customers at Convergence and via a unanimous decision by our Convergence Partner Advisory Council, we’re offering a new way to brief partners prior to the customer event. We’re transforming the traditional live briefing day with a Virtual Partner Briefing—scheduled prior to your trip to Atlanta. Our goal is to energize your efforts to host your customers at Convergence 2010. This way we can share relevant information with you before you arrive. You can share details with your customers early and plan the best event experience for them in advance. We will share more details about the Virtual Partner Briefings via PartnerSource in late January.

    Also, take part in building the excitement and starting your interactions early through Convergence social media engines:


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    The Big Easy Offer 4.0


    It feels like deja vu writing this blog, as I covered off on the same subject only two short months ago (The Big Easy Offer 3.0). Once again, this is a great opportunity for Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners to take advantage of great incentives for your customers and prospects.

    Earn more for your customers with The Big Easy Offer 4.0. The Big Easy Offer 4.0, covering most of the core Microsoft products and solutions, provides partner subsidy checks to your customers for qualifying purchases. These checks can be used to help implement Microsoft hardware, software or services. Plus, as an incentive for future purchases, customers can earn higher payout levels with additional purchases during the length of the promotion.

    Click here to find the Big Easy 4.0 Terms & Conditions.


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    Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics ERP License Offer


    When I first began my career at Great Plains Software almost 12 years ago (April 1998), I worked on the Great Plains Accounting (GPA) product support team. I think GPA 9.1 for Windows had recently launched. Typically, our sales team would ask for everyone from marketing, support, development, etc. to assist with the call blitz to existing customers in which we would explain the benefits of upgrading to GPA 9.1.

    That being said, when we launched our new "Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics ERP License" offer, it brought back memories of working on the GPA team and participating in these call campaigns. Details of the offer below...

    Microsoft is excited to announce the "WELCOME TO MICROSOFT DYNAMICS ERP" offer- a Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics SL US-based promotion for existing customers of Microsoft Small Business Financials, Great Plains Accounting (GPA) and Real World. The promotion is comprised of up to a 75% discount on all user licenses and limited A La Carte functionality for up to 10 users in the first acquisition of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics SL.

    The offer is effective January 4, 2010, and available until the end of the business day (11:59pm CST), Friday, June 25th, 2010.

    Click here for complete offer terms, inclusions, and exclusions.


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    Find New Talent to Help You Grow In 2010


    Microsoft and CareerBuilder have teamed up to help you build a winning team!

    CareerBuilder’s customized solution consists of three separate offerings that are designed to work together to meet your company’s recruiting needs. Please contact CareerBuilder ( for a complimentary recruitment assessment to determine the best strategy for your budget and objective. Services include Source & Screen, Name Generation, and Online Recruiting Tools.

    Also, CareerBuilder recently published their 2010 Job Forecast highlighting trends for this year...

    Employers Expect Uptick in Hiring in the New Year, CareerBuilder's 2010 Job Forecast Finds

    Employers highlight trends to preserve the health and growth of their businesses

    CHICAGO, December 29, 2009 - The encouraging news regarding the economy may be easing hiring fears, as employers signal an increase in their plans to hire in the new year, according to CareerBuilder’s 2010 Job Forecast. While employers continue to closely monitor the progress of recovery for the U.S. economy, they are beginning to consider hiring strategies designed to preserve the health and growth of their businesses for the future. CareerBuilder surveyed more than 2,700 hiring managers and human resource professionals nationwide across industries.

    "There have been many signs over the past few months that point to the healing of the U.S. economy, especially the continued decrease in the number of jobs lost per month, a trend that will hopefully carry over into the new year," said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. "Although 20 percent of employers plan to add headcount in 2010, up from 14 percent last year, they still remain cautious in regards to their hiring. We're headed in the right direction but should not expect to see actual job growth until at least Q2 2010."


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