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Guidelines on Comments

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  • The next operating system

    1 its should be only 64 bit : Now the majority of cpu is 64 bit

    2 the windows  os must be one sku with 1 price and to be modular. Each user in the setup process can choose the packets that want to install

    3 build the kernel totally from scratch no compatibility with old applications (compatibility kills innovation ) I think it’s time for Microsoft to look ahead and innovate

    4 build in the kernel virtualization technics so the old applications run through virtualization

    5 flexible ,for example when a user runs a game the aero user interface automatically turned off and when the user exit from the game the the aero turned back on

    the kernel  grew a lot because every windows new version  the code base is the previous version the code extended a lot through the years and  became not easy to control and to debug and to create more innovative things

    leave back applications ,make a new  flexible reliable ,modular ,secure  kernel , application compatibility can be through virtualization  

    the kernel  should have parts

    1  windows core kernel  with patch protection

    2  windows user kernel  

    All the applications and drivers should install in the windows user kernel and the core kernel should interact with user kernel

  • I second the "1 SKU" suggestion.

    I've had dual processor machines since NT 3.5. I swear Windows had better thread management back then, somewhere along the way something changed. And, why does Windows swap so much still? On a 2 gig machine, it wants to swap when there's plenty of memory around. Has anybody looked at the swap algorthim in the last decade?

  • ...isn't that a description that would encompass most of the Apple Mac OS? Not that that's a bad thing, but just ensure that the concepts are what users (predominantly corporate) want and construct it bottom up!

  • microsoft with windows vista version did a big leap into the security part of the operating system. But the big problem about windows as an operating system is that the kernel grow a lot as a resault the system in not flexible and is resource hungry

    microsoft with windows nt in the past had made an incompatible os ,but it was very stable compared to windows 95 and truly 32 bit compared to windows 95

    Now the technology of cpu's make possible to build an operating system truly 64 bit and more secure more reliable and more flexible

    microsoft can build inside the kernel virtualization techniques so old application should run properly via virtualization and without compromise the kernel at all

    so the operating system work more reliably

    windows need a kernel more flexible and more modular a kernel better than nt ,NT KERNEL is


    for me its a waste of time to work to a new operating system trying to patch and to fix bugs of a previous operating system and to design just a new user interface

    please don't make windows 7 based on windows vista kernel

  • I agree with most of what I've read so far, my short specific list is;

    1) 2 flavors, Business and Home

    2) Run Windows on top of Hypervisor!  

    3) Give me away to turn off the balloons.  I don't know how many people it helps but it's just a pain for me.

    4) Like everyone on these comments have been saying, give businesses a reason for upgrading, 64-bit cpu and multi-core performance.  This means stuffing your mouths with your own dog food, like the MS parallel computer initiative.

    Remember performance, and most importantly security over eye candy!


  • I dissagree with # 1. I'd like to see only 1 Os with all the features. Why the need for two? 1 is all we need.

  • Okay, I'm just a User, not an engineer but I think I would like to vent some ideas for Windows 7. It looks good, however, consider looking at those "fake versions" of Windows 7 on Youtube. Some of those ideas are worth looking into. I do agree with not changeing the Kernal from Vista. Too many changes will leave your current users frustrated. Honestly, changing the kernal and registry is extremely frustrating because I have software for XP that's not compatible with Vista that I really liked. I don't like the updated versions of the 3rd party. Having an OS with the capabilities to use old software we love would be great.  

    When developing the OS, keep full integration of your other products in mind for expansion (i.e., Zune, Windows Mobile 6 or 7 soon, xbox 360, etc). Don't let the competitor, the one whos name begins with an "A" beat you in ease of use and integration. You have more partners, integration should be your greatest strength. When one person buys a product, instant integration should happen. If I had a PC with Vista Ulitmate and I bought a Zune, it should be automatic to sync and integrate with out question.

    Having different versions of the OS is okay but too many version for too many reasons can confuse the customers. I think you should have W7 Home, W7 Professional, W7 Ultimate. That's it! With the Ultimate (this will take you on a loop) Should only be sold with Microsoft Computers. Yes, get into the hardware business. Zune and XboX is doing well, why not? Besides, the only real way to ensure the hardware quality is set for the OS is to make the hardware yourself. Buy a company like Shuttle or someone small and make your ultimate exculsive to Microsoft Brand Computers. These computers should come loaded with everything, including Office - Limited edition. Make the Machine compatible with Xbox games. Back to the subject, consider these ideas for W7. I look forward to the touch screen experience. Also, inform your partners of how many computer now are strong enough to support W7 and don't want to get another computer. HP, Dell, Acer, etc need to consider making touch screen monitors and software NOW so people can buy them. Make them compatible with NOW computers. No one wants to buy a new computer for the touch screen, Surface experience.  The economy is awful, we are interested in saving, not spending.

  • One operating system would be nice but would need to be marketable to both home users and business users.  I would like to see something rolled out where you have the option during installation to customize per the 'user' installation from home to business, from ALL eye candy - to no eye candy, to help baloons or point here is customizing to the user from novice/home user-advanced/business user in one installation.  Also, noted above, 64 bit with 32 bit backward-compatibility, IMO 32 bit can't totally be written off here as a large number of software companies/hardware manufacturing drivers are still only offering support to 32 bit after a  few years of 64bit being available.  But, just like other operating systems over the years have done will soon write off old technology and advance to newer 64 bit.  Keep performance over 'appeal'.  Realistically thinking appeal is nothing without performance...and that is what the past two operating systems(Vista & XP) have marketed.  Both OS' have appealed to home users, more so vista, but performance has been subpar to the interface (candy look) and takes numerous tweaks and work arounds to get satisfactory results with either operating system. There will be lots of ideas and hope to read others opinions for relative insight and exchange of ideas while microsoft works on the new OS. Cheers!

  • I agree wholeheartedly with mn8026.

    My recommendations:

    1.  A single OS.  Don't differentiate between numerous flavors of desktops and servers.  Allow the user to purchase major components a la carte.

    2.  Separate the OS kernel from the GUI and file system and allow third-party developers to develop them under "very strict" MS standards.

    3.  Allow a stripped-down (GUI-less) version of the OS for server functions.

    4.  Build on top of Hypervisor.

    5.  Don't automatically give network IO priority!  What a pain to have the entire OS wait for a single network IO request!!!

    6.  64bit only!  I don't own a 64bit PC, but I would be willing to buy one for the right OS.

    7.  Overhaul MS licensing.  As a IT pro, MS licensing is always a major pain.  Provide a one-time grandfathering of all previously purchased OS licenses(with proof).

  • Cant keep stop saying it. Keep the name simple,(Windows 7 sounds good enough  one Os can target all uses. Have different modes like "business" mode witch will turn off all eye candy and increased performance. "advanced" mode will have everything (power users, high end computers) and "standard mode" will feature XP like performance.

    You can make it look great all you want. its 2008. stay with the times.If people dont want the eye candy they can switch to business mode.

  • Can I upgrade my Licens Win Vista to Win7? (to use my licens number for windows 7)

  • What's to improve and implement in Windows 7, compared to Windows Vista:


    I want windows 7 64 bits, is very much faster than windows vista 64-bit, or much faster loading applications, when much faster, much faster loading applications in systray, much faster throughout short Because windows vista is especially slow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I want windows 7 64-bit is also much more compatible windows vista 64-bit applications with native 64-bit and then later with those 32-bit!


    I want windows 7 has a graphical user interface very much more beautiful windows vista but at the same time much more efficient, more optimized,immediate and consistent, compared to GUI windows vista !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I stress, animations really advanced that in view windows vista are insufficient, in consistency, SUPERBAR similar to OFFICE 2007, large icons, applications, applications to be launched and applications in the systray, all integrated into SUPERBAR through the SWITCHING of BUTTONS relating to each of these functions, as in OFFICE 2007 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do not want more windows 7 icons scattered applications that fill the desktop, the desktop should be cleaned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In addition, the FLIP 3D windows vista, want to be eliminated in windows 7 because it's not useful, not necessary.

    Integrating in windows 7 a function of switching between windows much more useful and efficient optimized !!!!!!!!!!


    In addition I want the code of windows 7 but is very much optimized windows vista 64 bit, so do windows 7 an operating system, very fast, that takes as few hardware resources than windows vista, big optimization in energy saving!!! and code generally.

    Then Directx 11 in windows 7 exploiting the GPGPU really well, for the computation massive graphics, physics, artificial intelligence, all through the GPGPU, not only of the games, but all the heavy applications, such as 2D-3D applications, scientific, multimedia and better optimization for multicore CPUs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally, I hope that windows 7 is issued to you in the market no later than CHRISTMAS 2009 and not in 2010!

    I say this also because so MICROSOFT, it will be good in Christmas 2009 sales windows 7.

    Not repeating the mistake of windows vista, issued in January, but on the contrary, repeat a date similar to the issue of the Far windows XP, in October, in the case of windows 7, October, November 2009!!!

    Sorry for my english.

    Thanks MICROSOFT !!!!!

  • I hope that the directx 11 integrated into windows 7 also allow the games for PC's, to achieve real quality graphics in real time, equal to the quality graphics prerendering!!!!

  • I definately want a business OS, not a one size fits all like Vista. I know you've got different flavours in Vista, but seriously, the Business Vista loooks like it was made for a CEO who never uses his / her computer.

    Business should be streamlined, no games, no animations, no fancy pants extra's.

    It should run as fast and as efficiently as possible.

  • As I read through the comments, I have to change my mind and go with one size fits all but during the set up have either Home or Business as a selection. I am sure there is a way to have one OS to suit the CFO and all the IT personnel in a business organization and suit the couch potato Gamester with all the bells and whistles.  Make the Home be the Ultimate. I really like the looks of my Vista Ultimate and how my desktop has the running water and the Bitlocker Drive Encryption. Consumers don't want to pay extra for those things. It's Microsoft - They already expect the best.

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