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Guidelines on Comments

Guidelines on Comments

As the community participates in the E7 blog, we want to offer some guidelines on how we are going handle comments in general.  Our primary goal is for this to be a place for open discussion about Windows Engineering, so we don’t want to have lots of overhead and process.

We love comments.  We know everyone on the Windows team will be watching for comments and is looking forward to the dialog.  We will work to make sure that Microsoft employees represents themselves as such, especially if they work on Windows.

Things we want to see in comments:

  • Lots of good interesting responses on Windows and the posts on E7Blog
  • Keep it on topic
  • Keep it respectful
  • Keep it fun

Things that will get comments edited/deleted:

  • Offensive or abusive language or behavior
  • Misrepresentation (i.e., claiming to be somebody you're not) - if you don't want to use your real name, that's fine, as long as your "handle" isn't offensive, abusive, or misrepresentative

  • Blog-spam of any kind

We hope these rules will keep the discussion lively and on topic. 

Steven and Jon

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  • Correction CFO should be CIO :-)

  • They could have different modes under ONE OS. Like a Bisniess mode that you want... other modes for other

  • Hi,

    Maybe I'm oversimplifying things but why can't Microsoft just skin Windows onto a UNI* like OS?

    It would seem to be a way to win hearts and minds and solve a lot of perceived problems with the way things are done now.

    If I'm not mistaken MS is a UNI* license holder anyhow and even had their own release called XENIX.

    In my opinion if MS just does the same old with NTFS under Windows with 7 the grief is just going to be the same.  It would seem to me to be a good time to do something radical.

  • no more NT please? why would it be beneficial to rehash the same old thing? Vista is already there and new and requires a lot of further development to further NT, so what's the point of making another one from the ground up? I heard about a side project for a windows alternative of sorts, which is apparently geared towards correcting the flaws of existing OS's like unexpected application interactions, etc. Also, a lot of the features which people want could be added to Vista anyway.

    We certainly need something new; something that has virtual machine capabilities that can work on the fly with the ability to have older apps work in the OS as they're supposed to, but have newer tech which can allow software to run even more independently than before. With the amount of RAM people can have these days it should be purely 64 bit. It would be beautiful to get everything working quickly and smoothly.

  • at is a list with features that some windows user want to get fixex/extended/modified in newer versions.

    i found some interesting items that would be nice in my opinion.

  • i hope i can post my ideas here...

    i am webdeveloper and some upgrades btw. new features for copy, paste, cut would be nice.

    -> "when the user markes some text and he has allready some text in his cache (ram), he can change the text in his cache and the marked text."

    or when the user markes a text and he pressed the shift button the marked text will be in uc or lc mode.

  • Please make Windows 7:

    -extremely modular (small components and features)

    -reload components on error without crashing the whole system

    -fast boot speed (only essential components should be loaded at boot, the rest on demand only)

    -allow the user to customize the installation as he/she wishes (needed components installed when/if needed)

    -flashy UI should be customizable and should be a custom feature at installation

    -swapping (swap file) should be customizable, eventually turned off totally. Maybe i want to rely on my RAM only.

    - No hanging. The thing i hate the most is to wait for the computer to recover. This really should be solved somehow. It’s ok , the task needs 5 minutes to complete but don’t utilize all my resources, because i might want to browse the net in the meantime.

    - i want to be able (as admin) to fully and easily configure, tweek everything i want and if possible from one single place. Settings should be categorized.

    Ultimately the OS should allow me to access in record time the basic (preconfigured at installation) features that i chose.

    Have a nice day!

  • The Windows7 installation should have the following types:

    1. Standard (balanced set of features with the mostly used ones installed, the rest when needed)

    2. Business (no gaming , minimal entertainment features, the rest when needed)

    3. Gaming (optimized for gaming, other features installed when needed)

    4. Multimedia and Entertainment

    5. Server (only server features, optimized for servers like IIS etc)

    6. Custom (totally customizable mode)

    Each component and feature should be very well explained!

  • Shouldn't most of above comments be in the Engineering Windows 7 Stream?

  • Since the launch of Windows Vista, I as well as others have noticed short falls of the new OS, it lacked most of the "WOW" pormised well before day one (launch).

    I like others were beta testers of Windows Vista and repeatedly send feedback to Microsoft asking for this to be fixed, that the be added or whatever to be removed, but we all can agree or disagree that our comments fell on deaf ears and to that end we had come to expect that we were not going to succeed in anyway.

    Yes Microsoft did listen to most of the feedback but the user perception didn't change and the short falls were still evident at the time and still are..

    Windows Vista uses to much system resources to do every day tasks, the same tasks that Windows XP can do without a sneeze Vista seems to sneeze, cough and splutter and no matter what remedy you give it to cure it's ailments nothing works long term, Microsoft seems to find short term solutions or claim to have found a cure only for it to end up with more symptoms to the cost of users.

    Is there an obligatory light at the end of the tunnel, well there could be and that it for Microsoft to listen to its customers and users and say "right time to do this properly, the users want speed, we'll give them speed" etc.

    Example - I send off a suggestion to Microsoft regarding Disk Defragmenter, i set it up get in running and close all Disk Defragmenter windows and let it do it's thing, but there is no way to tell if this application is running or what the status is, except to open Task Manager and check the running processes, so i recommended that a icon be made available next to the system clock on the Task Bar so that when a user runs Disk Defragmenter they can hover over the icon and check the status but this had/has fallen on deaf ears to which it wasn't even included in Service Pack 1.

    So please don't automatically reject suggestions or assume that a particular problem is irreproducible, research everything to the fullest ability before a conclusion is made and hopefully everything and caught every and save Microsoft future embarrassment.

    We all know Windows Vista's short falls were caused by the Longhorn development reset but this souldn't have happend in the first place, lessons to be learnt.

  • Let's not rearrange everything again, give us the option to have a classic view, or xp view.

    I really like the look and feel of the Windows 2000 security panel over XP or Server 2003.

    64 bit only please, but add an XP VM that you can install and run your 32 bit apps on.

    Tool bar control, allow us to modify the font, and size of the text on the tool bar or any tool bar we add.

    Performance Counts!

    Kill that security beast that prompts you everytime you want to make any setting changes, or at least give us and "Admin Mode" where you don't get warnings when you try to make system changes.

    Create an easy to use interface to customize your right click, and to customize your copy and paste. What if I have 2 or 3 items I am coping to multiple places. It would cool to have multiple memory locations and I could hit ctrl + 2v to paste the second piece of data.

    Allow us to schedule Windows indexing, during lunch time would be good, but not righ after boot up.

    Add more strength to MSconfig. I.E. I can kill an app in MSconfig, I don't use a certain app but once a month. So the next time I use the app it over rides all settings and puts it's self in the start up folder. If I turn something off in MSconfig or delete it from start up, there should be an option that when I choose to remove an app from MSconfig or Start up, Windows should ask "Do you want to prevent this from coming back?"

  • Fast, easy

    i dont want something that devours my memory. As easy as possible. Something like windows xp or even 98SE. What do most people use the computer for? i for one dont use it to show off what i can do with a touch screen, or how cool my aero works, i intend to work on it and possibly play games, and thats hard cosidering that i have to spend lots of money on memory and power. keep it simple, and safe at leat one version, like lenalfred said; we want to save and not spend, and to add not spend alot or u wont be in business. Keep in mind that flashy thing don't make things better. keep also in mind that more than 60% of windows users dont even know how to change their resolution on the screen...moreover how to uninstall an app.

  • On the topic of comments,

    Mine aren't appearing for some reason :S

    It goes straight to the blog index after I click submit. Is there a character limit?

    Hope this post works..

  • Sorry belay that. yeah there was a character limit. Just split it up into multiple comments.

  • Really hope that it ain't just another eye candy such as vista is.

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