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Guidelines on Comments

Guidelines on Comments

As the community participates in the E7 blog, we want to offer some guidelines on how we are going handle comments in general.  Our primary goal is for this to be a place for open discussion about Windows Engineering, so we don’t want to have lots of overhead and process.

We love comments.  We know everyone on the Windows team will be watching for comments and is looking forward to the dialog.  We will work to make sure that Microsoft employees represents themselves as such, especially if they work on Windows.

Things we want to see in comments:

  • Lots of good interesting responses on Windows and the posts on E7Blog
  • Keep it on topic
  • Keep it respectful
  • Keep it fun

Things that will get comments edited/deleted:

  • Offensive or abusive language or behavior
  • Misrepresentation (i.e., claiming to be somebody you're not) - if you don't want to use your real name, that's fine, as long as your "handle" isn't offensive, abusive, or misrepresentative

  • Blog-spam of any kind

We hope these rules will keep the discussion lively and on topic. 

Steven and Jon

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  • I forgot to add word wrapping to the customizable tool bar. Some times my description is too long, but necessary, and I do not want a really wide vertical tool bar. So word wrapping would make the tool bar width smaller.

  • What i'd like to see above all else is a pure 64bit multitasking OS as others have suggested prior to my comment, make it small (small enough that it could be ROM'd if required for that instant on feature), make it VERY fast BeOS can boot in 15 seconds on my PII 350MHz system with 256Mb ram why has a MS OS never been able to match this?

    Forget about backward compatibitilty MS Office can be re-compiled for windows 7, Business users don't need much else, if they do then it's upto the software house to re-write their code for the OS. If all else fails Vista is still available off the shelf.

  • Since Windows Media Player comes with the OS, Please consider unifying Windows Media Player and Zune Player. We would like to see one play all (mp3, mov, mpeg4-movie, real movie/real audio, etc.) I hate having WMP, Quicktime, Real Player, and Nero.  Also, please consider making WMP burn music CDs with texted tracks so when you play the cd on other devices, the song title appears.

  • Dear Team Windows 7, place other goals which I consider essential to have a successful windows 7 operating system:

    1) Start the possibility through tools developed by you or third parties, enabling easy to integrate once and for all, fixes and service packs in future Windows 7 operating system, so as it was in the past with Windows XP, through instruments like Vlite or Nlite !!!!!!!

    2) I repeat once again, the merger team on the performance of the operating system, in order to have a Windows 7 64-bit Edition in particular, very fast, in every area of use, very fast in the boot, very fast in opening one or many applications simultaneously, very  fast everywhere, like or more clearly superior in performance to Windows Server 2008!

    3) I reiterate also that the team focuses on improving markedly, so excellent compatibility of Windows 7 64 Bit edition, with all applications to 32 and 64-bit In particular (since the users migrating from now on Windows Vista 64-bit, Massively).

    This is because Windows Vista 64 Bit Edition Service Pack 1 is still cumbersome and incompatible with some applications such as those for the 3d image processing, photo editing and 3D applications, in fact Windows Vista still often goes in crasch !!!!!!!!

    This must be definitively resolved in Windows 7 64 Bit edition !!!!!

    4) Going back to the GUI, I hope that the changes made to Windows 7 give a GUI, fast, efficient, intuitive and above all,  consistent coherent!!!!

    The ideal would also have a Taskbar or  Superbar  style of  RIBBON OFFICE 2007, with appropriate modifications, optimized for the use of an operating system like Windows 7 !!!!!

    Finally I would like to stress once again that it would be very successful, release available on Windows 7 Market no later than Christmas 2009 !!!!!!!!!!

    Please, team, even for the good of Microsoft and success selling Windows 7, it released on the market by November, up in December 2009!!!!!!

    If it released in early 2010, would be very  very  harmful for users and company (believe me even though I am nobody, a user any )!!!!!!!

    Do not repeat the mistake the date of release of Windows Vista!!!!!

    Repeat, if possible, a roadmap identical to that which has been in the past for Windows XP,  October 2001 ................ in the case of Windows 7, October, November 2009 for Sale Market International and European !!!!!!!!

    Listen to a poor idiot as spokesman Italian many users, but for different reasons (thanks to the work that  doing)    I know well as not commit  business and  technics  mistakes!!!!!!!

    Thanks  Microsoft and Dear Windows  7 Team!!!!!!!

    Excuse me again for my English is not perfect!!!!!!!

  • PERFORMANCE: Should without question be the number one priority. It's always been one of the top bragging points about my previous Windows. Make it run fast and do your best to get as many driver companies on board right away.

    CUSTOMIZATION: Before the OS is installed and after the OS is installed (Like your "TweakUI" program but with many more options). I want to chose not just graphic things but background programs and additional software to get rid of, as well as many of the annoying (to me) features that TweakUI helps with. A clear explanation of such processes would also help users in making their Windows faster as well.

    By doing this you only need one version, even though I assume your reasons for many versions comes down to making more money.

    **Maybe, if you have time or in a release all on its own, you could also throw in something that allows people to do major tweaks on the GUI (much like StyleXP does). It could be the Windows 7 Bonus Pack that has all the fancy bells and whistles for people who like to have that type of stuff on their Windows Copy. People could create and share their own Windows desktop themes, icons, screen savers, boot screens, login screens, widgets, etc.

  • 1.  I want to be able to archive my patches for my OS.  I seem to re-install XP every 18 months or so, on average.  I have multiple computers, all running the save version of XP home.  I'd like to be able to put my basic patches on a disc, so I don't have to d/L sp2 a dozen times.  

    If you want to discourage piracy or other malicious use of this, tie the patches to the admin or registered owner's name.

    2.  I'm recalling that XP has IE built in, because it was "the natural next step for the desktop."  Maybe it's already this way, in Vista, but I really think the OS needs a full-featured configurable firewall built in.  Second & 3rd party firewalls really mess with XP.

    3.  Allow the uninstallation of IE, OE, and MS messanger.

    4. Don't put quick-start icons on the desktop, every time an IE or OE patch is made.  (I have no on-desktop start icons, because it's my choice.)

  • Would be very pleased that in windows 7, windows explorer, is a double panel for a huge efficiency in file operations (copy-shift-size-paste), in the style of some programs thirds as:::: Total Commander of Ghisler:

    Thank you!!!!!!

  • Performance is absolute key. Why is Windows (and not only Windows) so amazingly astonishingly slow?  Is it *all* race conditions?  Is the new security slowing things down right through the APIs (perhaps by copying stereotypical but there you go MS project management style: up-up-up-along-down-down-down-up-up-up-along-down-down-down?) Are we stuck because although our CPUs are *way* faster, guarantees about execution time (worst case excepted) are harder and harder to come by?  Are there problematic interactions between high and low level stuff (eg .NET garbage collection vs CPU caching policies)?  Is it just the real world refusing to play as nicely as our abstractions would have us imagine?  Again.

    Do we need (perhaps we have) really tiny inner kernels matched to CPU's? Can some of the kernel go on die?  

    All I know is, the older I get, the less I want to wait.

  • 1. Display Resolution Independence

    2. Windows Virtual Desktop inbuilt

    3. Customizable Windows Environment

    (should be able to disable all graphics elements from windows) (Allow users to create their own environment)

    4. Multiprocessing enabled tabs in internet explorer

    5. System management specifically device memory management.

    6. Ability to multitask between OS's.

    7. Crash recovery (includes driver recovery / roll back patches / IE crashes)

    8. Graphics Configuration based on DX1*

  • I look forward to the hopefully new things included in Win7. The biggest feature I see a lot of people wanting is performance. Requiring a monster of a computer to run any OS is counter productive. Many people are put off by not only buying a new OS, or upgrading but also having to make major improvements on their computers to handle it. I would also like to see better multiprocessing capabilities, we have these super processors with 2 and 4 cores but the software has not kept up with the hardware side. If you need any more beta testers let me know, I have a few systems available in our lab.

    Thanks for your time.

  • how come my comments don't get posted?

  • I hope that a windows 7 kernel core Team will be a great job , for extreme performance in windows 7 64 bit edition, not only boot, but , a windows 7 operating system , extreme fast in all application 32 and 64 bit execution.

    And support true multicore cpu and gpgpu for fast and extream performance and compatibility applications , in all scenarios.

    Because Windows Vista is slow also in high hardware configuration!!!!

    And remember, great date , is windows 7 on market in 2009!!!!


  • Again, the key points of windows 7, must be:

    Performance and compatibility:

    I mean that people expect from  windows 7 Kernel Core not only benefits the boot, but a windows  7 Very fast  in all scenarios.

    That is, very fast, very fast in opening all applications, very fast development of each process and also support the extreme multicore CPU and GPGPU , very fast in all scenarios!!!

    Also an improvement exceptional compatibility, especially windows 7 64 bit, in all scenarios, both 32-bit and 64 bit.


    Also expected as obvious by the team Windows 7 experience, a graphical interface, as promised, exceptionally efficient and pleasant!

    All this is expected to be Windows 7, as in Windows Vista that is absent:

    Vista is slow and cumbersome!

    Also remember, waiting for Windows 7 on the market, at the latest November 2009.

    Release windows for sale 7 by this date is very important to its success.

    Thanks !!!!!!

  • Dear development team of windows 7, among the many suggestions, I would like to suggest to focus on the development only of windows 7_64 bit edition, excluding windows 7 to 32 bits.

    Now it is time the 64-bit, all the hardware is a 64-bit,applications are mostly 64-bit, memory Ram is cheap, so pointless to insist on 32 bit on windows 7.

    Take only the 64-bit edition, also because on windows 7 64 bit, we also run 32-bit applications.


  • Hello dear Team of Windows 7.

    How often writing comments, but I want to suggest practical advice:

    1) I hope that your concentration is highest ever, to have a windows 7 64 Bit, very very fast in all scenarios.

    People want at 90% a windows 7_64 Bit Edition operating system, Very Very Fast in all scenarios ed applications, and we want that team , concentrate your resources, to develop  absolute performance an low resources consuption in primis in windows 7_64-bit Edition!!!!!! In all scenarios 64-bit primarily, and secondarily to 32-bit !!!!!

    2) I hope you change the interface of windows 7, where it's needed, for high efficiency of the use of windows 7.

    But attention!!!!

    Not the mistake of making a windows 7 GUI,the same or very similar to Windows Vista GUI, because the User could commit the mistake of exchanging windows 7 with windows vista!!!!

    3) High customization of Windows 7 operating system in all scenarios ( GUI and image File of operating system ,  to add or subtract services and applications to the image file installation of operating system).

    This Points and the date of Release on the market in 2009, are Very important Points in addition to benefits absolutely excellent performance, for success of Windows 7 operating Sistem!!!!

    Sorry for my English!!!!


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