December, 2004

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    Childhood computers

    So I was visiting my parents the other day. They've been going through old boxes of stuff, simplifying a little, and had stumbled across the first home computer we bought: a Commodore 128. This was the state of the art when I was in sixth grade, I think...
  • Rob Earhart's WebLog

    Yet another reason not to handle all SEH exceptions

    ... you'll probably forget to call _resetstkoflw() in your exception handler when it's a stack overflow exception. This re-establishes the guard page, so that the next time the thread hits a stack overflow, it'll get another stack overflow exception;...
  • Rob Earhart's WebLog

    SEH stack walking

    I noticed another fun thing about structured exception handling the other day; it's probably old news to the compiler team, but I thought it was interesting. Imagine you have code like this: DoSomething(); // This may raise an exception. try { *x = NULL;...
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