So, after my last post way-back-when, I got busy fixing bugs for a while.  Then I decided I wanted to do something other than fix bugs, and switched over to the Hypervisor team.

So for those who missed the announcement a few months ago: the hypervisor's an OS which happens to look like ordinary hardware to the applications which run on it.  So you can run multiple copies of Windows on it (or Linux, or DOS, or anything else which runs on x86/x64), and take them up and down individually, and everything just works.

Sounds a lot like Microsoft's existing Virtual Server product, eh?  It's basically the same idea, with a much better architecture which should let us run guests significantly more efficiently.

On the personal angle: we're getting to write an OS, basically from scratch.  It's amazingly fun; there've been a lot of interesting design problems to solve, and the team as a whole has really bought into taking the steps necessary to produce a very high-quality product (it's always a plus when you think your project's really going to succeed).  It's been good.