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  • Blog Post: What’s your Social Networking IQ?

      What is the best way to judge social networking IQ?  In my mind its not necessarily your knowledge of social networking from an academic perspective, nor is it your knowledge of the technical implementation and networks of social networking that are out there.  However, I define social...
  • Blog Post: INFO: What I’m Running

    Every now and then I like to update folks on what I’m running on my hardware.  Below you’ll find information on what my hardware is and what I choose to run on it. Here is my newest rig info: Hardware Lenovo T61P 4 GB of RAM SATA Optical Bay Adapter with 160 GB laptop hard drive Software Windows...
  • Blog Post: HOWTO: Enable Visual Studio 2008 Remote Debugging

    See this link for methods to enable Remote Debugging:
  • Blog Post: RELEASED: Windows Search 4.0

    Here is a link to grab the bits for Windows Search 4.0 for all editions of Windows (including Windows Server 2008, Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Home Server)
  • Blog Post: Architecture of the Charran eHome

    Charran Home Infrastructure and Media Strategy This article has been a long time coming. However, I have always been pretty excited to write about what I think is a pretty cool home infrastructure for entertainment and computing. My entire strategy regarding computing at home is to ensure that even if...
  • Blog Post: Searching IE History with Windows Desktop Search

    This add in found here: will allow the searching of IE browser history. It works for the following OS installations: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or a later version Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4) Windows Vista
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Office Interactive Developer Map

    This application is a thick client that lets you interact with all those nifty development and office posters that most folks like to hang up in their offices. Its a click once application built on WPF.
  • Blog Post: Stephen Cohen's Love Curve for Software Projects

    I'm only capturing (stealing :)) Stephen's Cohen's Love Curve out of sheer respect for his observational ability to capture the aggregate of IT projects when it comes to client interaction. This is an utter truism and I have been on both sides of the conference room table (an FTE and a consultant). Read...
  • Blog Post: Ink Blog Plugin for Tablet PC Users

    Download from the URL below: Ink Blog Plugin
  • Blog Post: New Windows Mobile Traveler's Toolkit

    I might be late on this one also, but I just love sidebar gadgets. Check this one out for travellers: You can get clock, weather and other information to help plan your trip.
  • Blog Post: 4.3.1 Insufficient System Resources in Exchange Server 2007

    I recently was helping a client troubleshoot why they couldn't receive mail. The server was running fine, they were able to send out messages and even reboots on the server didn't seem to resolve the issue. After looking through the event logs, etc, we were unable to discover any errors. Then, we found...
  • Blog Post: Rename a Domain Controller

    Just so I don't forget (and for your benefit too), here is the method to use to rename a Windows 2003 domain controller:
  • Blog Post: Like My New Banner?

    Changed up the old blog banner. Amazingly, I saw how powerful PowerPoint 2007 has become in creating custom art and great images. The reflection you see in the image, as well as the gradient buttons with the highlights were created with about 3 clicks each per shape as an out of the box function in PowerPoint...
  • Blog Post: Great PDF Previewer

    Great PDF Previewer courtesy of descapa's One Note blog: View PDF files from within Outlook 2007’s previewer
  • Blog Post: Cool Sidebar Gadgets

    Check out my Office 2007 Recent documents sidebar gadget: I downloaded this from the MSWindowsLiveGallery Profile Author's page at Also, of note is the Live Search gadget. And don't forget the MSDN Gadget
  • Blog Post: Daylight Savings Time Product Wizard

    If you are like me and just realized that March 11th is around the corner and you don't feel like reading a book to figure out if the software you run will be affected, browse to the following URL to run a wizard that will tell you.
  • Blog Post: Outlook 2007 Error: The form cannot be displayed

    If you ever receive this error message in Outlook 2007: "The form cannot be displayed. The form required to view this message cannot be displayed. Contact your Administrator." This error occurred for me when I was trying to create a Calendar item. Go to Tools>Options>Other>Advanced Options>Custom...
  • Blog Post: Vista Sidebar Gadget Published

    My first Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget has been published to This gadget wraps the Windows Media Player and allows for the playing of any video stream, file and URL that is compatible with Windows Media Player (did you know that the player can play flash video also like You Tube, etc...
  • Blog Post: Make Your Personal Appointments Private

    For those of you on Exchange 2007 (and perhaps prior) use Outlook 2007 to make your appointments private so that when someone is scheduling an appointment they can't see your personal appointments (like Take Medicine, or Go to the Doctor). In the Appointment item, hit the little lock so that it can't...
  • Blog Post: Formatted Clipboard Paste for Windows Live Writer

    Noah Coad authored a great add in for Windows Live Writer, my favorite blogging tool. This add in lets you paste in formatted rich content from the clipboard. Great job Noah! As a test, see the...
  • Blog Post: New Office Online Site

    The new MS Office website debuted today. It's going to be an exciting next couple of days here internally as all the final RTM builds are compiled and coalesced so that "self hosters" like me can be the first to install and show them off at clients...
  • Blog Post: Compacting Virtual Hard Disks

    My little USB hard drive recently ran into a space constraint issue because of the footprint of my Virtual Machines I keep stored there. So I went about attempting to reclaim some space by collapsing my Virtual Machines expanding disks and freeing space that they were not using. A note about my configuration...
  • Blog Post: Virtual PC on Vista RC1

    After either installing a fresh Vista RC1 image or upgrading from the Beta, when launching Virtual PC, you might get this error message: Access to the external network and host will be unavailable to all virtual machines using virtual networking. Virtual machines using virtual networking will still be...
  • Blog Post: Virtual PC Network and Vista RC1

    For those upgraded to RC1 and attempting to run Virtual PC, you might get the following error message: Virtual PC could not open the Virtual Machine Network Services driver To resolve, right click your network connection and then select properties>install>service>add and select the Virtual PC...
  • Blog Post: MOSS 2007 Thread Was Being Aborted

    The MOSS 2007 Beta does not start the Windows SharePoint Services Administration Service. Thus, when you successfully configure your MOSS 2007 installation and then attempt to create a web application, you get the "Thread was begin aborted" error message. From my observation, things have gone OK, but...
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