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  • Blog Post: INFO: SharePoint 2010 Editions and Features

    Here is a quick page that details the different editions and features for SharePoint 2010.
  • Blog Post: INFO: Planning for Virtualization for SharePoint 2010

    Great article on virtualization for SharePoint 2010.
  • Blog Post: INFO: SharePoint Databases and Availability Models

    Here is some great information via MitchP on the number and characteristics of SharePoint including their availability supported models (mirroring, etc.) Example of content for the config db: Configuration The configuration database...
  • Blog Post: INFO: Great Article on IE6 to IE 7/8 with SharePoint 2010

    Here is a great post from Maxime on the behavior differences between IE6 and IE 7/8 when browsing or interacting with SharePoint 2010.  The great thing about this post is that it has a visual comparison of several use cases.
  • Blog Post: HOWTO: Building SharePoint Projects with TFS Team Build 2010

    Here is a great resource on how to build team projects for SharePoint in TFS 2010 (also lists steps for TFS 2008). Quick reference excerpt from the article below: Steps TFS2010 TFS2008 1 Install Team Build software Same as TFS2010 2 Skip this step - TFS2010...
  • Blog Post: HOWTO: Configure SharePoint 2010 for Kerberos

    Here is a great reference for configuring SharePoint 2010 for Kerberos authentication. Core concepts include: Ensuring SQL Server and the WFE/App servers in the farm can communicate with the SQL Server in the farm via...
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