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  • Blog Post: HOWTO: Bulk Load Data Into SharePoint Lists via Access 2007

    Hi all,           Before writing something that would take some time to do in terms of loading data, I was able to successfully conduct a bulk load of data into SharePoint with MSAccess.  Here is my mock up test that I did.  I created a SharePoint...
  • Blog Post: INFO: Recent Technical Articles

    Here are some of my most recent technical articles that I wrote (and helped write) as part of the VSTS Ranger program as well as the SharePoint Ranger program.  As you may know, the ranger programs are essentially field extensions of the product team that provide customers with expert guidance and...
  • Blog Post: INFO: SharePoint 2007 VM’s NLTM Authentication Failure

    I usually build a Virtual Machine that consists of the following for SharePoint development: Windows Server 2008 SQL Server 2008 SP1 Visual Studio 2008 SP1 with Team Explorer (and VSeWSS 1.3) Office 2007 SP2 Domain Controller and DNS Services I use host headers to allow the web applications I create...
  • Blog Post: Migrate SharePoint Workflows and Content Types

    Here is a great utility to migrate SPD workflows and content types across site collections. Never used it myself, but it appears quite useful.
  • Blog Post: List Lookup Columns in Content Types

    This codeplex project allows developers to package list lookup columns as a feature and as part of a content type.  This gets us around a challenge where developers try to deploy a content type that has a list lookup column which is dependent on a list instance. http://fieldlookupbuilder.codeplex...
  • Blog Post: What’s your Social Networking IQ?

      What is the best way to judge social networking IQ?  In my mind its not necessarily your knowledge of social networking from an academic perspective, nor is it your knowledge of the technical implementation and networks of social networking that are out there.  However, I define social...
  • Blog Post: HOWTO: Enable Visual Studio 2008 Remote Debugging

    See this link for methods to enable Remote Debugging:
  • Blog Post: HOWTO: How Document Collaboration Works at Microsoft

    While the title of this post might indicate that there is a sweeping document collaboration strategy that all teams and people use, that’s not the case necessarily.  We are big at dogfooding which is a made up verb indicating that we love to try out our own software and tools in our everyday jobs...
  • Blog Post: HOWTO: Complete a WF Workflow if a Task Replicator Activity’s Tasks Haven’t Been Completed Yet

    Scenario: A Visual Studio Workflow Foundation Workflow needs to terminate with approval given the following circumstances: 1. At least one task has been completed out of the many tasks that were assigned via the workflow to approvers 2. A field on the current item the workflow is executing on has been...
  • Blog Post: HOWTO: Get the field text from a SPFieldChoice

    The SPFieldChoice usually holds the Int32 part of a choice field that is comprised of 2 values (the ID of the choice and the text of the field that is displayed).  Take the example of a workflow status column.  The ID 2 corresponds to the field value “In Progress”.  Programmatically, this...
  • Blog Post: Great Visio Stencils for SharePoint

    Just so I don’t forget, here is a link to some great MOSS Stencils for use in Visio.  This comes in great handy since most of what I do nowadays is to provide architectural diagrams for customers and to sketch out information architecture for SharePoint.
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Implementation Guidance

    Here is a great post on how to conduct a large scale service-based SharePoint implementation. QUESTION - I am Program Manager Charged with Implementing SharePoint - Now What- The great thing about this post is that it goes over different stages of the project and characterizes the reaction and expectations...
  • Blog Post: WSS and MOSS Service Pack Locations

    So I don't forget where the links to the Service Packs are: Here are the links to the WSSS & MOSS hotfixes, and the rollups.  Thanks, Phil!
  • Blog Post: RELEASED: Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit

    The new SharePoint Administration Toolkit was recently released as reported here: Two great areas of additional functionality include a batch site manager.  You...
  • Blog Post: HOWTO: Change Content Types After Deployment

    There are two methods to updating content types following deployment.  Everyone familiar with content types may know that after they are originally created and deployed and are being used, that changes to those content types can be challenging.  When adding or (or more importantly) deleting...
  • Blog Post: HOWTO: Setup a MOSS Development Environment

    Great MSDN article on how to setup a MOSS development environment that includes a fully capable development experience including Office, VS 2005 and VS 2008.
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Load Tests

      Here is a great new resource on MOSS load testing tools and VSTS Web and Load Test projects SharePoint Load Tests
  • Blog Post: Link to SharePoint Deck

    Here is a great SPC 2008 MOSS overview slide deck to intro the technology platform and discuss all of the multi-faceted features of the product. Link to SharePoint Deck
  • Blog Post: Enabling Enterprise Library 3.1 in Visual Studio 2008

    Great post on how to enable Ent Lib 3.1 with full IDE integration with VS2008 How to get Enterprise Library 3.1 working in VS 2008 Short story, is head to codeplex for .reg file to get the bits working.
  • Blog Post: Filtering the Content By Query Web Part on a Yes/No Field

    Here is a great post on something that I know I'll forget and that isn't that intuitive.  When filtering on a Yes/No column, I kept trying to input the value of "True" or "Yes" for the filter value.  The technique is as described in this post:
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2007 Subsites with Different Templates Than Their Parent

    Sometimes things are really simple but take some time to figure out.  I was just going to write this up, but looks like someone beat me to it.  Here is how you create a subsite with a different site template from its parent.
  • Blog Post: Upgrading WSS 3.0 to Windows Server 2008

    Since this is probably the most common scenario that enterprises will face, here is a link on how to upgrade WSS/MOSS (SP1 only) on Windows Server 2003 to run on Windows Server 2008. And...
  • Blog Post: How to move My Sites to a new Content Database and Web Application

    A great article below on how to move My Sites from an existing content database to a new web application in SharePoint 2007.  Many customers will find this link valuable because having done a database upgrade and not taken the painstaking steps to separate My Sites from the main content database...
  • Blog Post: Installing Office SharePoint Server 2007 SP1

    Office SharePoint Server 2007 SP1 is a much anticipated release in that it contains several key fixes and patches that affected many implementations. However, installing SP1 requires careful planning, testing (regression and functional) as well as considerations and a deep understanding of farm topology...
  • Blog Post: How to Manage SharePoint 2007 Objects in Code

    Here is a great article on how to manage and dispose of SharePoint objects when using the Object model in C# or VB.NET. This article discusses different coding practices and communicates the best way to ensure that the pesky "excessive requests" message doesn't get logged to the ULS logs. http://msdn2...
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