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  • Blog Post: HOWTO: Building SharePoint Projects with TFS Team Build 2010

    Here is a great resource on how to build team projects for SharePoint in TFS 2010 (also lists steps for TFS 2008). Quick reference excerpt from the article below: Steps TFS2010 TFS2008 1 Install Team Build software Same as TFS2010 2 Skip this step - TFS2010...
  • Blog Post: INFO: Recent Technical Articles

    Here are some of my most recent technical articles that I wrote (and helped write) as part of the VSTS Ranger program as well as the SharePoint Ranger program.  As you may know, the ranger programs are essentially field extensions of the product team that provide customers with expert guidance and...
  • Blog Post: INFO: Visual Studio 2008 Product Comparison Chart

    One of the greatest resources for examining the differences between all versions of Visual Studio.
  • Blog Post: MSBuild Task to Wrap DevEnv

    Those of you who labored to get devenv.exe to work with TFS's build capacity to build your setup projects know the agony of setting this arrangement up. The reason to use devenv.exe is to allow TFS to compile and build setup projects along with the main project/solution. This post goes to an article...
  • Blog Post: Great TFS Article on Project Sizing

    Good article outlining how to size TFS Servers for Projects
  • Blog Post: Configuring Team Foundation Server to use a Remote WSS/SPS Installation

    Here is an article on how to use an existing or remote instance of SharePoint with Team Foundation Server
  • Blog Post: Upgrading TFS From Trial to Production

    Here is a great article on how to upgrade your (most likely expiring) trial editions of TFS to the full production editions. You don't need to reinstall. Here is the link: Also, here is a great blog post about it as well. TFS Trial Edition and Release...
  • Blog Post: How to Check in Changes on Behalf of Another User - TFS

    Buck Hodges wrote an excellent entry on how to enable check-in on behalf of another user. This feature is useful based on the scenarios he defined in his post. If you have a continuous integration process or other automated process that needs to check in changes but don't want to loose the history of...
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