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  • Blog Post: RELEASED: Windows Search 4.0

    Here is a link to grab the bits for Windows Search 4.0 for all editions of Windows (including Windows Server 2008, Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Home Server)
  • Blog Post: Architecture of the Charran eHome

    Charran Home Infrastructure and Media Strategy This article has been a long time coming. However, I have always been pretty excited to write about what I think is a pretty cool home infrastructure for entertainment and computing. My entire strategy regarding computing at home is to ensure that even if...
  • Blog Post: How to Upgrade your Laptop Hard Disk With Vista and a USB Hard Drive

    So, I recall having to purchase Norton Ghost to create an image and then to reapply that image to a new hard disk. For a laptop this would have been a great challenge. My steps would have looked something like the following: Purchase Norton Ghost Copy the entire existing hard drive to the new hard drive...
  • Blog Post: Searching IE History with Windows Desktop Search

    This add in found here: will allow the searching of IE browser history. It works for the following OS installations: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or a later version Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4) Windows Vista
  • Blog Post: New Windows Mobile Traveler's Toolkit

    I might be late on this one also, but I just love sidebar gadgets. Check this one out for travellers: You can get clock, weather and other information to help plan your trip.
  • Blog Post: Vista RDP vs Legacy RDP MTU Sizes

    This tip comes from Matt, who has done an amazing amount of detective work to find out the cause of the error below: Vista uses a larger MTU size than the older client. The new RDP client is set for do not fragment packets. If anyone is doing an RDP over IPSEC they will need to set an MTU of 1370 and...
  • Blog Post: Word Add-ins Gone Wild So what was happening is that a badly behaving Word Add-in would not allow Word to shut down cleanly. I was getting the following error: Microsoft Office Word has stopped working. This is accompanied by an event in the Application event log. Faulting...
  • Blog Post: Cool Sidebar Gadgets

    Check out my Office 2007 Recent documents sidebar gadget: I downloaded this from the MSWindowsLiveGallery Profile Author's page at Also, of note is the Live Search gadget. And don't forget the MSDN Gadget
  • Blog Post: Daylight Savings Time Product Wizard

    If you are like me and just realized that March 11th is around the corner and you don't feel like reading a book to figure out if the software you run will be affected, browse to the following URL to run a wizard that will tell you.
  • Blog Post: Sidebar Gadget Authoring in C#

    Not only does describe how to author gadgets using C#, but he also has extended a really awesome gadget for searching MSDN.
  • Blog Post: Must Run Sidebar Gadget for a Media Center

    Check out this fantastic gadget! It connects to media center without having to wait for eshell to launch!
  • Blog Post: Vista Sidebar Gadget Published

    My first Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget has been published to This gadget wraps the Windows Media Player and allows for the playing of any video stream, file and URL that is compatible with Windows Media Player (did you know that the player can play flash video also like You Tube, etc...
  • Blog Post: Restore Pre-Vista/Longhorn Backups

    This utility restores compatability between backups made using pre-Vista/Longhorn builds of the OS. You can now restore Windows XP/2003 backups on Vista/Longhorn.
  • Blog Post: Explolitation of the Easter Eggs in Vista

    I wrote earlier about a cool new Vista Easter Egg which allows you to use a command line to supply a parameter to a screen saver so that it uses Vista's new display capabilities to run the screen saver as wallpaper. Now someone has written an applicaiton to do it! It sits in the system tray and runs...
  • Blog Post: A Very Cool Vista Easter Egg

    It's only a matter of time before the coolest easter eggs for Vista start hitting the net. Check out this one! In the windows\system32 directory type: ribbons.scr /p65552 Awesome Daven! Thanks!
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