With Lab Management, you can quickly create multi-machine virtual environments.

Visual Studio Lab Management is built on top of System Center Virtual Machine Manager and it lets you create virtual environments with multiple images in minutes. It makes it easy for you to connect to the environment and take snapshots.  Simply create network isolated copies of the environment to clone and you are ready to go.  Very cool.
You can build, deploy, and test your application on a virtual environment then deploy your application to the targeted environment. Next run automated tests on this environment and review the results of each tests. This makes it really easy to automate application deployment and testing, and hence increases developer and tester productivity.

Create reproducible bugs. When you are running your manual tests, you can create a bug that includes a snapshot of your virtual environment when the bug occurred. The developer can open the bug and connect to the snapshot for this environment to see the actual state of the environment at that point in time. 

Learn mre at http://www.microsoft.com/vs

Have a great weekend and happy coding.