Lot's of new stuff for web, load, and unit tests in Orcas. Follow the links for more info.

Web test

·         Recorder now records AJAX and popups

·         Test-level validation rules

·         Auto-validate response URL

·         Composition/decomposition, also here and here

·         Easily bind to csv or XML

·         UI improvements in playback

·         Support for multiple web test plugins  and parameterized plugins

·         API improvements

·         Expected HTTP code

·         Request-level plugins

·         Correlation helper (in beta 2)


Load Test

·         Load test result manager

·         Summary report

·         Support for multiple graphs, new performance graph, vertical zoom, synch zoom

·         New load model for user pacing, users running

·         User init/terminate functions, also here

·         Support for iteration count, cool down

·         Unit tests under load performance improvements

·         Profiler Integration


Unit Test

See Naysawn's posts here and here for more info on these.

·         Perf improvements

·         Better code generation

·         Better scheme for accessing privates

·         Auto-cleanup of results (beta 2)

·         Option to goto error (beta 2)

·         New command key shortcuts (beta 2)

·         Zero-deployment option (beta 2)

·         Data binding improvements

o   Easily bind to csv, XML

o   Auto-deploy local files and fixup connect strings

o   Iterate correctly in a load test