June, 2008

  • Ed Glas's blog on VS load testing

    Catching errors as they happen: WebTest ValidateResponseUrl

    In VS 2008, we added a new Validation Rule ValidateResponseUrl. In VS 2005, a very common problem was that a page would redirect to the error page, but the web test engine did not automatically recognize this as an error. Then downstream in the playback...
  • Ed Glas's blog on VS load testing

    More on 2008 SP1

    Bill Barnett has posted a couple of great articles detailing the new APIs we've added in SP1. Check these out to see the powerful extensibility points for controlling load patterns in a load test, and more/better hooks in web tests that enable some key...
  • Ed Glas's blog on VS load testing

    Build customized load test reports

    The load test reporting project on http://CodePlex.com/LoadTestReports has been updated with terrific new capabilities. A new report builder enables you to build reports in MS Word or HTML format, and customize the output. You can select different counters...
  • Ed Glas's blog on VS load testing

    ThirstyDeveloper PodCast

    While I was at the QAI conference in Chicago in May I had a chance to do an interview with Larry Clarkin , a Microsoft developer evangelist based in Milwaukee. Larry runs this cool podcast site at ThirstyDeveloper.com where he interviews various people...
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