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  • Blog Post: How To Get TFS Power Tool Check-in Policies for VS2005 to Work with VS2008 (Orcas)

    The current TFS Power Tools support TFC/VS 2005 only. However, there are beta customers of VS2008 (aka Orcas) who want to use the check-in policies from the TFS Power Tools. With a few manual steps (below) you can get the TFS Power Tool Check-in policies to work with VS2008 and observe how .Net binding...
  • Blog Post: Check-in Policy Compatibility between TFC 2005 and 2008

    A frequent question among TFC 2008 beta customers is about check-in policy compatability. Will check-in policies work across TFC 2005 and 2008? The answer is that evaluation works across versions in both directions, but editing the policy definition only works in one direction (TFC 2008 can edit a...
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