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August, 2004

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    Separating UIP-Web from UIP-Windows?

    I have been during the last months becoming increasingly warm to the idea of branching the UIP block into two branches: windows and web. Here's the reasons why we did it unified in the first place, and my opinion on why the assumptions aren't holding...
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    Updater Application Block & ClickOnce

    Today we got together with Jamie Cool to discuss the roadmap of the Updater Application Block (UAB). You know, the block that adds self-update capability to your app. (BTW we have the update for BITS 2.0 on the GotDotNet site ) ClickOnce (in the Whidbey...
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    Smart Client - Community Process

    We are currently drafting a document around 'Community Process' , that we intend to use for the Smart Client program. You'll see it coming up in the gotdotnet workspace for Smart Client soon. As I was writing it I imagined how the name by itself could...
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    Return of the...blooser

    So here we are, in this new blog environment. I'll post mostly about patterns & practices - this will hopefully turn out to be a needed channel for 'out of band' information about what's going on in our cozy team, what we are working on, how we are...
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