Today we got together with Jamie Cool to discuss the roadmap of the Updater Application Block (UAB). You know, the block that adds self-update capability to your app. (BTW we have the update for BITS 2.0 on the GotDotNet site)

ClickOnce (in the Whidbey timeframe) provides the fundamental support for self-updating apps - but my hunch is that for enterprises with advanced needs some guidance will be needed to use it effectively. For example:

- How do I manage rollouts to be able to control which clients update when?

- What should I do if I want / don't want background downloads?

- What if I need compression on the wire?

- How do I manage special dependencies on the client (eg creating MSMQ queues, registry entries etc)?

Jamie has started an area around ClickOnce on - once we have the draft matrix of scenarios we want to support we might post it there and on our gotdotnet workspace, for your feedback. Essentially a table of the form:

App Update Scenario --- How it's done today  --- How it's done in Whidbey

If there's andy special scenarios you want to make sure are considered please post them on the Updater GotDotNet workspace. We will still do one more rev on Everett and it's a great chance to get the stuff you need into it.