It's out! Finally - we jumped through some hoops and versions and lots of trimming and one major rewrite,and finally the draft is out.

Here is the doc- Please give feedback - it will set a precedent on how p&p interacts with community. (Please apply to join the Workspace)

I think the name is OK but slightly misleading - because more than a process, it's commitment or intent (or promise?) on our behalf to open up the p&p development lifecycle and be more transparent, etc.

"First Step in a Journey..."

There is much more to the intersection of asset lifecycle + community than what the doc describes - the process outlined in the draft is just the backbone of the community development process, and leaves, for the moment, some questions unanswered:

- What happens if I take an application block, improve it, and post the code? Is my code guaranteed to be used if the block ever tackles the feature I added?

- Will there be a 'split' between community versions of the blocks and p&p - shipped blocks? if so, when p&p does an update, will it take its own or the community version as a baseline?

- How do bocks 'retire'? Will p&p just remove itself from the asset lifecycle and let the community carry it forward, or will it actively disrecommend folks from using it if it's not in line with the guidance at the time?

These are important questions. Knee-jerk answers are easy but I'd rather discuss openly and ask what it is you'd prefer to see. Once we have a more complete model (or set of proposed models) of p&p asset lifecycles I'll try to post them and get your feedback.

In the meantime, please look at our draft document, and tell us if our first steps are in the right direction. THANKS

Also, thanks to everyone who sent emails on Validation. Much of the feeback is making it in so kep it coming.