We are preparing v2 of the Updater Application Block. (Check out the 300+ members GotDotNet community)

We have some core goals we want to go for:
- Simplify, simplify, simplify
- Allow partial updates 
- Tooling to 'add' the block to the app

- You tell us!

We prepared a 5..10 min survey to let you tell us what you want, and to get some stats from your apps to let us prepare better test cases:


Go take the survey! - and let me know if we are missing anything supercritical for your self-updating scenarios.

Jamie Cool (PM for ClickOnce) has helped us tune the survey and will be getting the results as well. The information you share with us not only will help us update the guidance and the Application Block (now) but will help the Windows Forms team have more detailed info on test scenarios and what documentation might be needed for Whidbey. Oh-If you want to see a video of an early version ClickOnce take a look at it here.

We will be following our Community Process for this, and we'll publish Expert Advisors and timelines as soon as we have consolidated them.

Thank you! now, I go back to the fray, to kick-off the guidance for Smart Client .NET apps built in...Outlook (Oh yeah). gotta go.