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February, 2005

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    Hook up to your GPS with .NET

    Looking for the killer CAB demo... This week we spent a considerable amount of time working on the CAB - Composite UI Application Block ..aka Smart Client Portal. Part of the value it provides is simplifying how visual components (SmartParts - think WebParts...
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    EntLib Configuration - More much more than meets the eye!

    Optimus Prime, I mean, Scott Densmore, talks about Transformers (the EntLib type) in his blog post, continuing with the discussion and walkthough of the Configuration System . I was bummed he couldn't make it to VSLive - he'd have a blast giving the presentations...
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    VB6 --> VB.NET Guidance

    This is not about EntLib and not about Smart Client specifically, but we expose some plans soon around working on VB6 --> .NET guidance focused on Enterprise customers' LOB apps. Part of the challenge with this guide will be finding and keeping to...
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