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April, 2005

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    Darth vader's Blog

    Missed it when it hit /. a couple of days ago. It's hilarious. http://darthside.blogspot.com/ You know it's going to be good when Darth Vader's post title is "I Am Surrounded by Idiots"
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    6 years at Microsoft!

    I joined Microsoft 6 years ago. Been a ride, been a blast. I am having a great time. At Microsoft we place a bowl with N pounds of m&m s outside our office when you get to N years of being in the company. Here's me with my 6 pounds of m&m's...
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    CAB -Event Broker: Pub-Sub for your components

    Yesterday we finished some cleanup refactorings around the EventBroker feature of CAB. I'm happy with the result, because it's conceptually simple, it's easy to use, and it isn't much code, yet it helps a lot. I expect some things to be added before release...
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    CAB - Composite UI Application Block Ready to Kick Off!

    Great piece of news - today in the patterns & practices group we went through our M0 milestone for an exciting asset to assist with Smart Client development. We are calling it the CAB - which stands for Composite UI Application Block. It is not...
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    Would you like to "grade" patterns & practices projects based on project execution?

    In the Smart Client Program we have been working in a way that involves community in building p&p guidance , especially the application blocks, and lets expert advisors and community members influence the project execution, all the way to allowing...
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