In the Smart Client Program we have been working in a way that involves community in building p&p guidance, especially the application blocks, and lets expert advisors and community members influence the project execution, all the way to allowing the community to vote on our go/no-go process. We had a first try of the process with the Updater v2 block. I'd say that the CAB (Composite UI Application Block) project that's about to go public is a showcase example of this.

The Smart Client process is in many ways a "pilot" of the way we want to work with community. Working in this way has 3 main goals, driven by your feedback: Increase the trasnparency of our project execution and prioritization, increase the traceability of requirements to features and help adoption by making sure the scope, documentations and quickstarts have had extensive early input before shipping.

The question I have is - if you feel that a p&p project has surprised you (suddenly come out and not letting you plan around that event, or building it in an opaque way and not letting you see early drops) or you would have liked to have more involvement during planning or development, send feedback around that to as well.

Hopefully we could get to the point where you can "rate" us on the end deliverable but also on "how" we got there. Like we might get a "7 out of 9" on the block itself, but "5 out of 9" on the way we managed the process. Until we get there, please rave and rant and suggest to that email.