On Friday we were able to release our first code drop!

Join the community, get the code, play around with the quickstarts, please tell us what you think.

Get the source at: http://workspaces.gotdotnet.com/cab

This first code drop focused on the following features of CAB:

  • Event Broker
  • UI Element Architecture
  • WorkItems and application controller relationships
  • Initialization Sequence (finding & loading modules) - oops we forgot a quickstart for this one. I'll release one when folks in the community say what they'd like to see there

This means there isn't much "Composite UI" proper as there isn't any code yet around showing windows, tiling them, etc. We focused first on the non-visual aspects of integrating components, and just the innermost level of UI elements. See my previous posts, or the PPTs on the workspace, to get a better idea.

Thanks to all those who gave use their input , and especially to the Expert Advisor team for their relentless stream of requirements, ideas & feedback!