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June, 2005

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    5 years of guidance groups at Microsoft! - What's your story?

    5 years ago Microsoft executives approved the existence of a group focused on guidance - understanding enterprise customer scenarios, creating a dedicated engineering team to producing guidance in the form of code,patterns, frameworks and guides, and...
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    CAB Released...almost..any...second...now

    The release day is the final battle with entropy. It's when the work of months seems to be put at risk and "die the death of a thousand paper cuts"...Xenon's paradox kicks in and every little task breaks up into some smaller tasks and it suddenly feels...
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    CAB, Offline, and Domain Dependencies

    One question we are getting is - how will offline relate to CAB? How are we making sure that an application built with both presents a consistent architecture style? Is there a dependency? So here we go: First of all, the Offline Application Block...
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    CAB - Code Drop 2 on its way

    Hello all - Its been great to see the community interest in CAB. Thanks for your support! (Join us here: http://workspaces.gotdotnet.com/cab ) We have 1000 users before our 2nd community drop!!! As you know we are working hard to have an important...
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