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October, 2005

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    @ Seattle Code Camp this Weekend

    Today my brother & I headed towards Seattle Code Camp . Chris Kinsman is the director & the DeVry University provides the place. The agenda is decided upon by volunteer speakers (it is a bit more structured than Foo, but I still like the un-conference...
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    So Long Ward!

    I'm sad to say Ward Cunningham is leaving patterns & practices and Microsoft. Ward was an incredible mentor and friend during his stay here. I will miss his ability to focus on the essence of things, to keep connected to the human side of our industry...
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    CAB - October 2005 CTP out!

    This is the last community release before our final release - the purpose of this release is to allow you to see the changes we've been doing into the API based on your feedback, to let you start building apps on what is closer to the final drop. There...
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