This is the last community release before our final release - the purpose of this release is to allow you to see the changes we've been doing into the API based on your feedback, to let you start building apps on what is closer to the final drop.

There are a couple of significant things about this release.

The foremost significant thing in my mind is that the whole foundation of CAB has changed to relying on an internal component we've named ObjectBuilder. ObjectBuilder has all the elements you need to build a typical Inversion Of Control / Dependency Injection framework, and also allows you to extend it to do more specific things than hooking objects up together.  This is a great improvement from relying on a lot of extensions to System.ComponentModel, and has drastically reduced our code size. We haven't documented it yet as a standalone Application Block, since it's not relevant for -users- of CAB as much as people extending CAB in interesting ways. EntLib will also use ObjectBuilder internally. If you want to learn about common flavors of Inversion Of Control patterns, look at Martin's classic article on the subject. But keep in mind that ObjectBuilder takes dependency injection as just an example of overall inversion of control.We'll have to post more about this in the future, I'm sure.

There has also been a thorough polish of the whole application startup sequence and WorkItems. This makes it way simpler to make small, starter apps and start getting your feet wet with CAB. I sometimes felt like I was drowning when doing a one-module, one-form, one-workitem app. Not anymore.

In addition, to the war cry of 'simplify!', we have cleaned up a lot of other areas - UI Elements (no more URIs and a simpler conceptual model) - Commands (simple model, just a normal component with adapters that bridge to different UI control intances that can fire them.

I am feeling very good about this release. It will require a little bit of work to migrate from our last community preview, but the overall productivity you should get out of the new one should compensate it.