Today my brother & I headed towards Seattle Code Camp. Chris Kinsman is the director & the DeVry University provides the place. The agenda is decided upon by volunteer speakers (it is a bit more structured than Foo, but I still like the un-conference feeling to it). It's nice to see the local community congregate and have such an event, and the fact that many speakers try out their skills at being up front for the same time.  I was able to see many friends, present and past. I got to see Andy Dunn although I missed his talk on Shaders ("I think I scared them with math again..." he mused right after). Brad Wilson (of p&p fame) gave an intro to Ruby & Rails, and John Luif, Olaf and Kzu were around as well.

Kzu, Brad and Peter Provost & TShak have talks scheduled for tomorrow about stuff like Monad, dependency injection containers, CAB,  GAT, and LINQ. Cool people, cool topics. See you around. I'm the one with the badge that says "Hello my name is Ed"