Nuff said already! Just go get it!

It includes the following favorites:

  • Caching Application Block
  • Cryptography Application Block
  • Data Access Application Block
  • Exception Handling Application Block
  • Logging Application Block
  • Security Application Block

Migration & Compatibility: As you know in p&p we can't guarantee 100% compatibility of APIs between releases. But we will strive to change as little as possible; and many blocks have the same API as in the .NET 1.1. releases. Specifically, we try to have the least impact on APIs used by business logic developers first, then least impact on extensions, and finally we won't worry about changing deep hidden internals. In this release of entlib includes migration documentation to move from the previous version of a block to the new one, if there were any changes.

Internals In addition EntLib includes ObjectBuilder which is the dependency injection foundation for how the Application Blocks wire up internally and get affected by config and instrumentation, and is the container architecture on which other p&p deliverables (such as the Composite UI Application block) are based. The dependency injection is an important characteristic of the internals. You don't care about this if all you are doing is using the blocks as-is. You care if you are building your own blocks, or extending our blocks in involved ways. It's good becuase it assists an internal design that is decoupled, which allow us/you to version configuration, instrumentation, and all blocks independently. And that is good because improvements, updates and fixes have less widespread impact - which shortens the dev, test and release time; and that's good of you. It does mean that the internals aren't easy to just look at and follow, because the 'red thread' that ties all together is spread in more places. I know many people miss the internal simplicity of the original application blocks from many years ago. I do want to dhare the observation all that the tradeoff has accelerated our team- which means more stuff for you - and allowed more extensibility and customization by partners and companies and the community.

THANKS! I wanted to thank all the partners, customers and community members who have been relentless in giving us feebdack and who 'keep us honest' with their feedback from applying early bits and the finished blocks in their apps. Please keep doing so - you are the reason why we come to work every!

(Sorry to my team for the delay in getting this out - I realized I was 'saving' and not 'posting' the entry)