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April, 2006

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    Invoking the ghost

    Let’s say you are talking about a program with someone. Imagine stakes are somewhat high. Suddenly one of these two phrases gets thrown out: 1. " It could be faster " In any but the healthiest of teams, these are great words to put folks on defensive...
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    What's in a name? What's an "Application Block"

    Often I get the question 'what is an application block' and 'why that name'? We have lots of articles, webcasts etc describing them how we've built them and how to extend them or build your own. Then people ask 'what is the difference between a block...
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    New Blog Section - "Off the deep end..."

    Disclaimer: JD Meier suggested I get to blogging and after some discussion why I haven't been doing this, I decided to create a section for 'off the deep end' posts. The description is is a reference to Gödel : Thoughts, Ramblings, and content not computable...
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