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September, 2006

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    Web Client Software Factory on CodePlex!

    We have just released oour first community drop of the Web Client Software Factory. www.msdn.microsoft.com/webclientfactory As we continue working on the project, we expect to provide: Give best practices for web app development on .NET 2.0 ...
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    Distributed, mesh-based source code control with SSE?

    We were discussing the Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE) usage at Strong Angel 3 in our team and Peter came up with an intriguing direction question: What if SSE was applied in source-code control? The mind reels...
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    2 new CAB (Composite UI) resources

    1. www.cabpedia.com - started by John Socha-Leialoha. John worked with us on the Mobile Client Software Factory and is currently doing some prototype work for a requirements gathering tool, and has set up this excellent community wiki so that folks can...
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