OK - now I'm it - in this fascinating game of blog-tag via Tom Hollander.

I like this game - You need to reveal five things about me that most people don’t know, and tag 5 more folks. I'm going to add my own spin and add 5 pictures.

Here we go:

-     I am from Argentina, with a Polish family and went to a Scottish school. I played the bagpipes. In a kilt. It is there that..

-     ...I was able to see my first programs run about a year after I wrote them, once I had access to a computer - I had written them on paper. But now I use computers (sometimes) and

-     ... I am a private pilot, and love flying around the US pacific northwest.

-     ...but a lousy snowboarder, and broke my spine in the midst of entlib v1. I somehow used the infinitesimal chance I had of recovering well, so I’m fine. When I think things are bad, I wiggle my toes and the smile returns.

-     I believe in spending time making this a better place and that individuals can change the world, which has led me to multiple engagements with environmental, education and humanitarian scenarios. That is a set of tough problems. I spend time on that when I can. For example, recently at Strong Angel III


Here are my 5 pictures -


aaaTelemedicine truckFlyingFooBar!MSFT




So who is "it" now?

John Socha-Leialoha

J.D. Meier 

Eugenio Pace

Chris Anderson

Daniel "Kzu" Cazzulino

You don't need to post pictures...that's just me

Have fun! Enjoy the Entlib 3 CTP and Upcoming Web Client Software Factory - with an full-new " Page flow"  application block that replaces UIP for web apps and uses WF as the default workflow engine.