We just released the Web Client Software Factory to Codeplex. Go get it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project. The team rocked, we had to deal with new technologies and we did a large set of deliverables targeting web apps specifically, which I felt we were slightly behind on compared to other technical areas.

And we obsoleted UIP (finally) with the new PageFlow application block that uses Worflow Foundation by default to let you design flow-rich use cases. There's guidance for UIP users to simplify migration; including a re-do of the old UIP quickstart using the new page flow block (Michael Stuart- are you listening?)

And we have a first cut at composite web apps in the CWAB (Composite Web Application Block), putting in a container model (courtesy of Object Builder) that allows you to do dependency injection to acheive patterns like MVP and MVC, as well as simplify dealing with state and so on. It starts covering the scenarios of composing modules that make up a site - not composing across sites - and allows us to start building a foundation for future scenarios you require more guidance on.

And we have a full reference app that shows all this together.

And documentation explaining the essential design concepts and activities that come together building an app like it.

And visual studio extensions that simplify the job of creating apps imitating the design of the RI using all of the above.

There you go. Enjoy! Now we will listen to your feedback and observe usage patterns to see what opportunities we should tackle in the next release... which may come out sooner than you think. There's areas where we would like to push the ball forward and areas where we may need to cover gaps. Let us know.


Please note we shipped it because it was ready - not because we ran out of stickies for iteration planning... :)