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Windows Intune availability date for education

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Windows Intune availability date for education

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We all know that we're living in a time of rapid change, and that the increasingly mobile status of our users - both students and staff - is creating increasing challenges for delivering a robust and secure IT infrastructure. We're responding to that with development of our conventional IT management tools, and also by creating a new wave of management tools designed to allow you to keep your more mobile users up-to-date, secure and supported.

One of the new tools in your armoury for systems management is Windows Intune, which is a subscription service that allows you to manage your desktop and laptop computers in a different way. Overnight we announced the Windows Intune availability date, which is 23rd March 2011 (this date also applies for the 30-day trial version).

You can find out more about Windows Intune on the website, and I recommend that you consider how it could help you in two key scenarios in education:

  • If you're a business providing IT support for a local school (perhaps if you provide shared technicians for a bunch of junior schools), and you want a model that reduces the need for in-personal, hands-on technical management.
  • If you're in a school, TAFE or university where you have users increasingly taking machines off campus for longer periods, you should consider whether this helps you to manage specific groups (for example, PhD researchers who are away from campus for six months in another country)

image Find out more about Windows InTune

  • Interesting but using the service may violate the Canadian privacy act and at $11 per system per month calc. to about $100,000, which is my annual IT budget, a year hence too expensive.

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