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Alan’s Paperless School project

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Alan’s Paperless School project

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Icons_light_blueAlan Richards, the Information Systems Manager at West Hatch High School near London, has been running a ‘Paperless School’ project for the last 18 months. He’s been using the school’s SharePoint in order to reduce the amount of paper being used in the school or being sent home to parents. I wrote about his project last October (see ‘Schools spend more money on printer paper than on ICT’) and the initial results - cutting out 10,000 sheets of paper from their academic review process.

Alan ran a webinar in the UK, where he talked about the project and gave a live demonstration of what they were doing now - with SharePoint and InfoPath - to reduce the amount of internal paperwork (as well as improving the communication process within the school). For example, by moving the Absence Request form online they’ve streamlined the process, made it easier for staff and administrators, and reduced the potential for lost forms to cause chaos.

The recording of the webinar is now available on YouTube (or below):

If you’ve got a truck arriving at school every month with your new supply of paper, then it’s worth investing half an hour watching Alan’s webinar recording, and then downloading the slides from Alan’s Edutech Now blog.

  • This is huge. Any numbers here? Like how much he spend on IT ? When has he reached a positieve ROI ?

  • Hi there

    Thanks for the info. you have provided here.

    I am principal of a new school due to be opened in Wellington NZ February 2, 2012.

    I am interested in paperless accounts payable. Are you aware of schools that are doing this and how are they managing this process?


    Lesley Murrihy

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