imageIf you are planning to go to the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2012 (WPC) in July in Toronto, then you might also want to schedule a couple of extra days on your travel plans to allow you to attend the Microsoft Global Education Partner Summit which will be held on either side of the main WPC days.


  • Sunday 8th July 2012 – Global Education Partner Summit @ WPC Day One
  • Monday 9th to Thursday 12th – Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2012
  • Friday 13th July 2012 – Global Education Partner Summit @ WPC Day Two

Last year, we were a little late in confirming the dates with partners, so it caused a hiccup for some travel plans (and more importantly, a few people missed it because they had flights pre-arranged). So this year, I’m going to publish the dates now, even though we can’t yet disclose the agenda for the two Education Summit days.

A group of Australian partners were able to attend the main four day Global Education Partner Summit in February in Seattle this year, but for many, I know that it can be a choice between attending that or attending WPC. So now you can do both!

If you are interested in attending, for the minute, pop it in your diary, and keep an eye out here for more details. And also drop me an email, and I’ll make sure I send you details directly for agenda, registration process etc.

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