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Comparing Google Apps and Office 365 in Education

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Comparing Google Apps and Office 365 in Education

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I’ve noticed that they do things differently over in the US compared to Australia, and one of the areas I’ve always noticed is product comparisons. I’m always surprised by comparative advertising on TV whenever I’m in the States, with adverts comparing features and prices for products side by side. The Microsoft team in Seattle run a ‘Why Microsoft’ blog that talks about Microsoft’s strategic and technical differentiation to other products and services.

They’ve just written a blog post ‘A Day in the Life of a Teacher’, comparing the use of Office 365 (which includes Office Web Apps, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync) and Google Apps, and they’ve done a careful job of providing links through to all of the different comparisons they make.

If you want to click on the links, you’ll need to download the full infographic in PDF form

The comparison that caught my eye especially was the comparison of employer demand for Microsoft Office and Google Apps skills. This becomes pretty important as you get to the later years in the education system.

imageimageThe links send you to CareerBuilder, a US jobs website and shows today that if you search for jobs looking for ‘Google Apps’ skills, you’ll get 56 jobs listed – and 600 times more job opportunities looking for Microsoft Office skills (33,730 jobs listed as of  this morning). This situation is pretty similar in Australia – see my blog post from last year “What skills do employers look for in interviews

Learn MoreRead the full 'A day in the life of a Teacher' blog post

  • This is, without a doubt, one of the THE most one-sided comparisons I've ever seen. Any respectable IT person knows that such a lop-sided comparison is ridiculous and wouldn't give it any credit.

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