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March, 2014

  • Education

    Technology Enriched Instruction - A Partners in Learning workshop for Higher Education Faculty


    TEI HeaderMicrosoft and University of New England would like to invite colleagues from other universities and TAFE Institutes to the first Australian hosting of the Technology Enriched Instruction workshop on April 3 and 4 2014 at the UNE Futures Campus in Parramatta. Attendees with a range of teaching experience and roles are welcome to this free workshop-based event, which is designed to be of interest to anyone who would like to be well informed about key developments in learning, teaching and technology.

    imageAs co-hosts, Microsoft and the University of New England have designed the event to help showcase both global developments and local enthusiasms, providing opportunities to explore developments from a range of perspectives and contexts.  This workshop, based on the TPACK framework, is designed to help TAFE and university faculty improve their use of technology in their teaching and instruction. It assists educators to develop competencies that will enable them to plan systemically for the selection, utilisation and evaluation of technology tools and resources in a pedagogically appropriate manner.

    Day Two of the event will provide insights into trends and technology use in higher education lead by the co-hosts, Microsoft and UNE, which will also include a Futures Campus tour and a closing panel debate titled “Content knowledge isn’t important anymore.”

    Workshop Topic Areas

    • The changing nature of education, students and the modern workplace
    • The TPACK Framework – Understanding the relationship between technology, pedagogy & content
    • 21st Century Learning Design
    • Evaluation tools to assess TPACK and 21st Century Learning Design
    • Technology utilised will include, but will not be limited to, OneNote, OneDrive, web applications, Skype, Lync, Yammer and Office 365, as well as technology embedded in other tools (e.g. translation, video editing and broadcast applications)


    Day 1

    8:30AM Welcome & overview of the day
    8:45AM Morning workshop session
    12:45PM Afternoon workshop session
    5:00PM Wrap-up and evaluations
    5:30PM Evening networking and refreshments

    Day 2

    9:00AM 21st Century Skills. 21st Century Careers. 21st Century Learning
    9:45AM UNE Office 365/Lync Project Overview
    10:15AM Futures and the role of technology
    11:00AM Video futures and higher education
    1:00PM Spotlight on online assessment
    2:15PM Panel debate
    3:30PM Event close

    More information about TEI, and the supporting programmes at

    Make a dateMake a date: Register for the Australia TEI Forum

  • Education

    Webinar on cloud privacy and data sovereignty



    The benefits of cloud computing for public sector organisations run right across the public sector, including education. 
    But as executives explore the opportunities, they often become concerned about data security and the privacy risks associated with online services – and justifiably so.

    We’re running a webinar tomorrow (12 March) at 2PM AEDT, where we’ll tackle the sensitive issue of data privacy head-on to reveal both the potential pain points and how your organisation can mitigate the risks.

    The ability to offer new services. The potential to improve operating efficiencies. Deepening customer engagement. There’s no disputing the upside of the cloud. But balancing individual privacy, corporate security and state sovereignty in this brave new world can prove challenging. In the webinar, our cloud experts will:

    • Explore the potential risks cloud computing presents
    • Share our experience in how real the risks are
    • Offer insights on how to overcome them
    • Reveal what’s needed to undertake a cloud-risk assessment – and how to share your findings with managers

    Two senior Microsoft Australia employees will share their experiences of compliance and security, explain the impact of cloud computing and shed light on data privacy, security and sovereignty.

    imageJames Kavanagh

    Chief Security Officer, Microsoft Australia
    imageShaun Tipson

    Senior Attorney, Microsoft Australia

    The webinar runs tomorrow, Weds 12 March, at 2PM AEDT.

    Register now for the Cloud webinar on 12 March 2014

  • Education

    Windows 8 education app - 21st Century Learning Design app to support curriculum planning


    If you’re designing learning activities, or curriculum planning for 21st Century skills, that require students to demonstrate or develop 21st Century skills, then there’s some help in the form of a new app for Windows 8. 21st Century Learning Design is a tool developed to help teachers in assessing where their current and planned activities develop 21st Century skills, and guides teachers with structures and further learning resources that will help curriculum planning for 21st Century skills.

    21st Century skills development is being rolled out in schools across Australia  to help teachers prepare for the PISA test in 2015 (which will assess students’ collaboration and communication skills) and curriculum planning for 21st Century skills in the new National Curriculum. 

    Students around the world need advanced skills to succeed in the globalised, knowledge-based world of today. 21st Century Learning Design helps teachers design lessons and learning activities to build students’ 21st century skills. The professional development program is based on rubrics developed and tested in one of the largest ever international studies of 21st Century Skills – the Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL) Research project.

    In the Windows 8 app, materials are presented in an easy to use, highly interactive way. It will help teachers to identify and understand the opportunities that learning activities give students to build 21st century skills. Each learning activity is any task that students do as part of their school related work - it can be an exercise that students complete in one class period or an extended project that takes place both in and outside of school. The rubrics incorporate a research-based methodology for coding learning activities to ensure you are embedding 21st century skills in your teaching practices, and the Rubric for Student Work provides a framework to assess students’ development of 21st century skills.

    Screenshot of the 21CLD appFeatures of the 21st Century Learning Design app

    • Explore the dimension of 21st Century Learning Design, through rubrics and dimensions.

    • Evaluate your content against all or some of the dimensions.

    • Receive detailed breakdowns of your understanding of the dimensions.

    • Export your assessment results to detailed Word documents.

    • To aid curriculum planning for 21st Century skills, the app helps find exemplar units of work with strong 21st Century Learning Design aspects

    Staff development for 21st Century skills

    Microsoft has partnered with two Australian Professional Learning providers to offer 21st Century Learning Design training for your school. This training is contextualized to Australian school needs and curriculum focus. Both Design | Learn | Empower and  Expanding Learning Horizons would be happy to discuss your training needs and tailor a learning experience to suit your school. If you would like to find out more about the 21CLD Program from Microsoft directly, you can also email us at:

    Download the free 21st Century Learning Design app from the Windows 8 Store

    Windows Store icon for 21st Century Learning Design app

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