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  • Blog Post: Reducing friction for international student recruitment with unified communications

    Two weeks ago I explained why Lync and Skype are joined together , and some examples of how it will be useful in education. In a nutshell, it allows you (and your external users) to connect conversations between your own Lync system and consumer Skype users – typically the kind of software students and...
  • Blog Post: Why are Lync and Skype joined together?

    We’ve just announced that Lync and Skype can be joined together: Join – often called ‘federation’, it allows the two different systems to talk to each other, so that somebody on Skype can chat with somebody on Lync & vice versa Lync – Microsoft’s service for unified communications for businesses...
  • Blog Post: How to join Skype in the classroom - like 38,000 other teachers

    Did you know that your students can use Skype to connect with a range of fabulous organisations that can broaden the classroom experience for your class – like NASA, museums, and expedition groups? Last week the team from 'Skype in the classroom' announced an expansion of their programme to...
  • Blog Post: Using Skype in the classroom

    28,731 teachers, from 190 countries, are already part of the Skype in the Classroom project. It’s a way to connect Skype’s free video services to your curriculum and teaching – and connecting with teachers and learners right around the world. And the team at Skype have just announced a new wave of partnerships...
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