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November, 2007

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    Imagine Cup; Example Software Design Entry

    To help everyone out myself and Ben Coley have created an example entry to the Imagine Cup Software Design Competition . The idea isn't meant to set the world alight but hopefully it should give you a good indication of the required format and length...
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    XNA Game Studio V2 Beta Now Available

    XNA V2 beta is now available for free download here and the best thing is you don't even have to uninstall the current version of XNA Game Studio Express as the two will work fine side by side. The beta only allows you to build games for Windows but does...
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    Network Gaming with XNA???

    XNA V2 will provide network gaming functionality for both the Xbox 360 and Windows. This means you will be able to create games playable over the LAN and Internet between the console and PCs. I have given an overview of scenarios and requirements below...
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    XNA V2 Update...

    Yesterday the XNA team announced the impending release of XNA V2 beta to the public. They have confirmed the beta will be feature complete but as with all past XNA betas will only support building games for Windows (Xbox 360 support will come with the...
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    Imagine Cup Games Dev Update

    I just wanted to put together a quick post to clarify some confusion over the Games Development Competition in the Imagine Cup... The correct format of this competition is: Round One: Game Demo, (Vertical Slice) - Submissions should have at least one...
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    Win an Xbox 360 Elite by registering at The Imagine Cup website!

    This year we are running a prize draw for those who register at the Imagine Cup website. At the end of each month everyone who has registered during that month will be entered into a draw for an Xbox 360 Elite. To enter visit imaginecup.co.uk and take...
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