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February, 2009

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    MSDNAA Software HowTo Video

    MSDNAA is Microsoft's subscription for technical schools/colleges and universities which allows them to offer their students access to a whole raft of Microsoft Software for free. Access is granted in one of two ways - either physically (an administrator...
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    IT Academy Student Pass - Free eLearning

    A little while back I posted about a great new programme we launched which gives students free access to official Microsoft eLearning courses. To sign up you need a unique code which authenticates you as a student, the great news is these codes are now...
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    Silverlight on Linux - Moonlight

    Yesterday Miguel de Icaza posted on his blog that Moonlight version 1.0 (the open source implementation of Silverlight for Unix) has now been released. Moonlight is a collaboration between Microsoft and Novell as part of the Mono project and is a great...
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