Figured I’d do a quick introduction. I’ve been at Microsoft for the last 10 years and couldn’t think of a better place to work!

I’m an Academic Developer Evangelist working closely with college students and faculty in the New England area (MA, CT, NH, VT, ME), providing access to, and getting them excited about the latest and greatest technologies.

Short video from the Microsoft NERD Students webpage:

Here are some of the fun things I’ve worked on in the past few years (can you believe this is my job?):

Windows 7 Launch Party
850+ College Students
enjoying a wicked awesome party at the Microsoft New England Research & Development Center creating some buzz about Windows 7 as well let students know that we are dedicated to helping students be successful by providing access to employees, industry partners, code camps, and other technology related events at Microsoft NERD.


Digital Dorm Room Tour
Dorm on wheels showcasing new technologies directly to Colleges & Universities across the US.  We are passionate about transforming education, fostering local innovation and enabling jobs and opportunity.


Technology Trends,
Events for college freshman and sophomores or high school juniors and seniors who would like to preview technology trends that will significantly impact their academic and career paths. These events featured speakers from Microsoft and business leaders from the local software economy. Together, they shared career stories and describe the rich variety of jobs in their companies that require business and technology skills. They will also provided students with a better understanding of the critical role technology plays in business and the value placed on recruiting individuals with technology fluency throughout the organization. Students will have a chance to have their questions answered.


DotDiva, and DigiGirlz Events events are geared torward getting females excited about pursuing careers in STEM related fields. The technology fashion show was pretty awesome.


Some of the things I’m focused on this year are pretty exciting! Opportunities for students include:

ic2011Getting awesome teams for Imagine Cup. This is a worldwide technology competition focused on creating technology to address some of the world’s greatest problems. Inspiration comes from the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Keep your eye out as I’m hosting numerous Imagine Cup submission parties this week! Let me know if you’re interested in learning more!


Visit this app.Lab and get hands-on training for developing apps and games for Windows Phone 7! This is your chance to design and implement that cool new app you've been dreaming about, or put the finishing touches on your masterpiece, so bring your ideas and get ready to code.  As you are designing, writing & testing your apps onsite, there will be guidance Microsoft professionals to help you get things right.


Similar to the app.Lab Phone, but this time with Windows Azure!


If you’re interested in attending my upcoming events, there are a few things you can do:

Hope to see you at the next event!