If you want to start developing for WP7, here are some useful links I wanted to share from the conference.

First, download the tools here!


It will include all the components you need. (Direct link here: http://create.msdn.com/en-us/home/getting_started).

• Channel 9 Windows Phone 7 Developer Training Kit

Windows Phone 7 Developer Training Kit

Windows Phone 7 promises to be an amazing mobile phone operating system given its innovative user interface and functionality, as well as its great development platform upon which you can quickly and easily build games and applications. With a myriad of new devices, a powerful and immersive software platform, and a new marketplace to attract developers and provide easy access to applications, consumer demand for Windows Phones will be high, and developers will quickly adopt the Windows Phone platform to capitalize on this growing mobile marketplace. This Training Kit will give you a jumpstart into the new Windows Phone world by providing you with a step-by-step explanation of the tools to use and some key concepts for programming Windows Phones.

• Download Joe Healy’s slide decks!

This includes:

  1. Session 1- Basics of Building Apps on the Windows Phone 7 Platform
  2. Session 2 -From Idea to Interactivity Design Guidelines for Windows Phone 7
  3. Session 3 - Demo-Notes
  4. Session 3 -Supercharge Your Windows Phone 7 Apps with Microsoft Silverlight
  5. Session 4 -Step Up Your Game with Windows Phone 7 and XNA
  6. Session 5 - Monetizing Your Apps with Marketplace
  7. Session 6 - The Power of the Cloud Exploring Windows Phone 7 Services
  8. WPGarageSilverlight.zip

Joe Healy also has a very updated Wiki.


Glen Gordon blog

Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit which includes:

  • Source Code
  • Sample Application
  • has examples for context menu, date/time picker, etc…

More links!

Getting Started with Windows Phone

Getting Started with Windows Phone

Windows Phone development platform supports both XNA Framework and Silverlight. This unit takes you through the step-by-step creation of your first Windows Phone Silverlight application.


  • Hello Windows Phone

    Hello Windows Phone

    This lab intends to be the classic "Hello World" application, introducing you to the tools and procedures required to build and test Silverlight for Windows Phone applications. During the lab, you will see how to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phones, Expression…

  • Building your First Windows Phone 7 Application

    Building your First Windows Phone 7 Application

    This lab introduces you to the basic building blocks of any Windows Phone Silverlight application. During the course of this lab you will create a simple puzzle game. The lab takes you through the different stages of starting a new project, adding controls and code behind, and testing and…

Silverlight for Windows Phone

XNA Framework 4.0 for Windows Phones

Windows Phone 7 Jump Start Videos

This Windows Phone 7 Jump Start video training is for all developers interested in developing applications or games for the new Windows Phone 7 Platform.  The course is based on the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Developer Training Kit and taught by Microsoft MVP's and Microsoft Press Authors, Andy Wigley and Rob S. Miles.  Watch these entertaining sessions and complete the labs found on Channel 9 to gain development skills using both Microsoft XNA and Microsoft Silverlight.

Windows Phone 7 in 7 Minutes! (Beta)

Each short, to-the-point video in this series highlights a feature of Windows Phone 7 in less than 7 minutes. This is a series for developers who want to pick up the basics quickly with brief explanations and hands-on examples. Demonstrations and code samples are based on the beta release of the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools.

Windows Phone Design Day Recordings

If you are a developer or designer looking to target Windows Phone, this is a must-watch series.  If you hold any kind of role related to software visual and interactive design, this should still be a great series for you to watch; you will get amazing insights into the research and the process that our teams go through to build stunning, award-winning experiences like the ones you have seen in Zune HD, and will see in Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 7 Unleashed. Windows Phone 7 Events- Western and All US

Come check out Windows Phone 7 Unleashed for everything you need to know to develop for WP7. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or you’re just starting with .NET development, there’s something in it for you. The first half of this deep dive event is lecture and hands on lab. At the half point mark of the day, you’ll have a solid foundation for building WP7 applications. The second half of the day is going straight to code. Build the best app and have a chance to win!

Start Dreaming. Start Building. Windows Phone 7 Events- Central US

There has been a tremendous amount of buzz and excitement in the developer community as we get ready to launch Windows Phone 7. There have been over 300,000+ downloads of the Windows Phone 7 developer tools as developers are eager to take advantage of this next wave of computing. To help you along the way, there are a number of *free* Windows Phone 7 Boot Camp training events across the area. The purpose of these boot camps is to provide guidance around building apps and games that target Windows Phone 7 and lead  you down the path to start earning money in the Windows Marketplace.

Windows Phone 7 developers – free training and app building workshops! Windows Phone 7 Events- Eastern US

Have you been looking for the best place to learn all about how to develop for Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 platform? Have you been champing at the bit to write an application yourself, get it into the Marketplace and start the money rolling in? Well, we are getting ready to launch a series of events on the east coast to satisfy your cravings for Windows Phone 7 information. Join us for our upcoming Firestarter and Phone Garage events today and get started!

Windows Azure One Month Pass

Try out developing your Windows Phone 7 App with Windows Azure One Month Pass free. Learn about the Windows Azure platform with no steep learning curve. With Windows Azure you pay only for what you use, scale up when you need capacity and pull back when you don't.

Mobile App Match: Builders meet Seekers.

Ready to design a WP7 app, but struggling to get started?  Visit Mobile App Match to find ideas that inspire and the resources you need to succeed along the way.