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First, I’ll share some cool photos and videos so I can make you jealous of what you missed. If you want to skip directly to the resources to get started, definitely check out the my other post: Windows Phone 7 developer resources from the Boston Developer Launch – start building cool apps now!

Walked in and there was a station staffed by Chris Bowen filled with demo phones.

IMG_6539 (640x480)

One of them had my name on it… literally!

IMG_6543 (640x480)

There were a couple of other cool things in the lounge like the XBOX360 stations and the Windows Phone 7 Photo Booth:


Joe Healy and Glen Gordon did a great job kicking the event off! Click on their names to check out their blogs.


On Day 2, there were over 20 students from Wentworth Institute of Technology who attended!

They were a part of Prof. Pierre Elysee’s class. Definitely a nice way to connect with the industry for a lecture!

IMG_6568 (640x359)

We also taped a few short video segments where the students are talking about building apps on the phone. I’ll upload the videos (including funny outtakes) sometime next week.

IMG_6581 (640x480)

The place was pretty packed both days!

IMG_6558 (640x359)

Glen helping out one a few WIT students:

IMG_6562 (640x480)

Videos coming next week…