Now this is pretty cool. Jeff Blankenburg started a new Developer Series on his blog. Every day in the month of October, he will be writing an article (see list below) about writing apps on the platform. Here is the link to:

31 Day of Windows Phone 7

Projects so far:

Day #1: Project Template
Day #2: Page Navigation
Day #3: The Back Button Paradigm
Day #4: Device Orientation
Day #5: System Theming
Day #6: Application Bar
Day #7: Launchers
Day #8: Choosers
Day #9: Debugger Tips
Day #10: Input Scope

Day #11: Accelerometer
Day #12: Vibration Controller
Day #13: Location Services
Day #14: Tombstoning
Day #15: Isolated Storage
Day #16: Panorama Control
Day #17: Pivot Control
Day #18: WebBrowser Control

If you are working on an Imagine Cup project, this is definitely a great way to jump right in!

I also found the following links on his site really helpful:

31 Days of Silverlight

28 Days of Did-You-Know (Diduary)

Windows Phone 7 Developer Resources

Windows Phone 7 User Resources

What is Silverlight you ask?


Silverlight is a powerful development platform for creating engaging, interactive applications for many screens across the Web, desktop, and mobile devices.

There’s a couple of cool examples of sites that use Silverlight! Check them out.


Mosaic 23/25


Hard Rock Memorabilia