So you want to get a free Dreamspark account and upload some phone apps via App Hub waiving the $99 fee as a student… But the process is not as straight forward as you thought.

This blog post goes through the process step by step, making it simple so you can focus on developing and publishing that next killer Windows Phone app! Good luck!

1) Go to and sign in with a LiveID (you can create a LiveID using your <school>.edu email address or a personal email address if preferred).

2) Select:
     1) United States
     2) Verify as a Student
     3) Get verified through my school
     4) Click Continue

4) Select correct State and School.

5) Type in your information, and be sure to use your <school>.edu email address.

6) Check your <school>.edu email for verification:

7) Follow instructions to activate by clicking on the link and typing in the code sent to your email address.

8) After this is done, go to and choose account type, “Student”. This will waive the $99 fee.

9) Go through the entire App Hub account creation process.

10) It will lead to another email to confirm your App Hub account.


11) Take a look at Alfred’s blog post explaining the GeoTrust process when you’re ready to submit your apps.