Professor Gino Sorcinelli from UMASS Amherst taught a course last fall called, “Effective Decision Making in the Age of Cloud Computing,”. This course is a university-based, senior-level, Honors-College Seminar where students use Tablet PCs and Cloud Computing software to collaborate with students in Ireland for the purposes of creating learning experiences that support development of a student’s future competence in the workplace. Seminar coursework emphasizes these high-impact educational practices:

§ analyzing and synthesizing ideas and information;

§ making judgments about the usefulness of information;

§ collaborating with team members during and outside class;

§ interacting with faculty, particularly on a team research project;

§ using instructional technologies that encourage good decision-making;

§ participating in meaningful international experiences with students abroad [1].

This Seminar’s ultimate goal is to educate soon-to-be graduates so they make effective decisions using state-of-the-art technologies in ways that allow them to succeed in a global workplace.

He has some future plans to integrate some really cool technology in Fall 2011 to make this course completely relevant for future Business and Technology Decision Makers. All I can say for now is “Effective use of Office 365…”. Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Heads in the Cloud

An article about the current course here.