June, 2008

  • Entity Framework Design

    Computed Properties One Pager

    UPDATE: this blog post is out of date. Please review this instead. If you've been paying attention to what the Entity Framework team has been saying. You will remember hearing us talk about using the Entity Data Model (EDM) as a common way of describing...
  • Entity Framework Design

    Initial POCO Design Screencast

    Two guys on the team knocked out this quick screencast of some of the prototype work we've been doing around POCO an the State Manager. It's not a long or in depth screencast, but we're hoping to inspire some additional feedback. If you prefer to download...
  • Entity Framework Design

    Initial POCO Design 1-Pager

    Here is a raw cut and paste for our POCO 1-Pager. We are currently working through the design and have some prototype work going on and we would like to hear your feedback. Note this is the "feature design 1-Pager" not the "implementation design 1-Pager...
  • Entity Framework Design

    Transparency in the design process

    Today marks the first day of engineering for the ADO.NET Entity Framework V2.0. V2 of the product is a combination of a continued investment in our greater data platform vision as well as a focus on new and expanded ORM scenarios. Some of the things that...
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