January, 2009

  • Entity Framework Design

    Customizing Entity Classes in VS 2010

    When VS 2010 ships it will include some significant improvements to our code generation story for the Entity Framework. The basic idea is to make use of T4 templates for code generation and ship strong integration into the Entity Framework Designer to...
  • Entity Framework Design

    Update on Computed Properties

    A while back I wrote a post that introduced the concept of Computed Properties . Since that time we’ve had a number of conversations with both customers and internal partners and we’ve had some new ideas, that have changed our thinking somewhat. ...
  • Entity Framework Design

    Model Defined Functions

    Today the Entity Framework, and more specifically the Entity Data Model, have a limited notion of Functions. We are currently restricted to Function Imports that allow stored procedures to be invoked, and Canonical / Store Functions for database independent...
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