I here a lot of customer feedback as many people at Microsoft do about security, and the nightmare of patching system, IE flaws.  I was reading about an article titled "PCs falling victim to Windows flaws" a flaw being exploited by hackers using trojan horses on news.com this morning just shaking my head at the amount of continued ridicule people will throw at me, telling how secure other browsers and platforms are like Firefox and Linux (and so on).  We have already released a patch for the flaw however it will not slow down the perception or amount of ridicule I here this week. 

After reading the Windows flaw article I scroll down and I see an article titled "Firefox update squashes security bugs", from the title I am thinking great this is just more fuel to the fire, while Windows is being exploited FireFox is gaining more momentum, ah but wait! (keep reading ...) 

I started to read the article and it goes on to say,

"The Mozilla Foundation has fixed several security flaws in its Firefox browser, but has left people in the dark about what some of the issues entail"

Then article goes on to say how Firefox is gaining momentum and these issues have been addressed so on and so forth.  I think the opening statement is just alarming.  Knowledge is power people, and if Firefox will not help me understand where I am vulenerable how can I trust them?  I must give Microsoft credit for telling people when there are vulnerabilities, what they are and provide me with base line tools and patches to quickly address the issues.